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Asparagus Fern Plant

Made by Harvest Garden
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Lovely feathery leaves this is an attractive plant that requires partial sunlight, moist soil that is well drained and gentle watering.

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Asparagus Fern Plant

Asparagus Fern Plant

The Asparagus Fern has lovely large light leaves that are fine like a feather and is a vibrant green shade, over time the plant grows taller and slightly bushier. This plant is from the Asparagaceae family and is also known as Feathery Asparagus, Lace Fern and biological name Asparagus Setaceus. It is native to Africa and can cause a reaction to skin so be careful when handling. We reccommend positioning in partial sunlight indoors throughout the year and can be placed outside in the summer only. Keep the soil moist but well drained, it will require more water in a warmer climate and less in cold periods.

Asparagus Fern Size Guide

Please note that these sizes are a guide and are an approximate measurement only.

Diameter of Pot 11cm

Height of Pot 9.5cm

Total Height of Plant 35cm (from base of the pot to top of the plant)

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