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Archive for April, 2018

A Most Marvellous History of Marzipan

You may have noticed that we are big fans of marzipan chocolates, and for good reasonThere is something dangerously moreish about the powdery, almondy, sugary goodness that is marzipan. From perfectly crafted miniatures to completely encased cakes, it has been a firm favourite for centuries. While we can often turn to a tasty layer of marzipan for special events and afternoon tea, it can be an underappreciated treat. (more…)

A European Tour of Luxury Chocolate

There are so many excellent luxury chocolate brands based in Europe and some fantastic chocolatier history at some of Europe’s big tourist destinations. Chocolate lovers are totally spoilt for choice if they want to visit luxury chocolate manufacturers to source luxury chocolate gifts and to see how the world’s most delicious chocolate is made. (more…)