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Archive for May, 2022

Funeral Casket Tributes

Floral tributes offer a traditional way to pay your respects.

Elegant and timeless, floral tributes have long been used to show respect, admiration, and love at funerals. They present the perfect opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one while giving them a fitting send-off.

Traditionally, favoured flowers for funerals include roses, lilies, gerberas, and carnations. We have various floral tributes incorporating these flowers, in addition to more contemporary styles. Show your respect and sympathy with tasteful flowers for coffins, casket sprays, tributes, and floral arrangements.

From coffin flowers to casket sprays, we stock a wide selection of floral tributes, allowing you to select a fitting display to honour your loved one. Our floral arrangements include a variety of styles, designs, and sizes, helping you to pick out the ideal way to say goodbye.

In addition to traditional floral displays, if you specifically need a casket spray for a man, we also stock a range of suitable options, giving you plenty of freedom to choose the perfect tribute.

Funeral Casket Sprays

Floral sprays for caskets are among some of the most popular funeral coffin flowers. Their minimalist appearance allows for a classic arrangement that is suitable to all manner of individuals. These simple coffin flowers are the perfect way to display respect towards your departed loved ones and bid them farewell in the most appropriate way. Whether you’re looking for traditional coffin spray flowers or something slightly more unique, our selection boasts a range of products that are suitable for just about anyone.

Coffin Top Flower Sheaves

If casket sprays don’t quite capture the essence of your dearly departed, our collection of sheaves might be just what you need. When it comes to coffin flowers, it’s imperative that you get it right in order to express your respect in the most appropriate way. Casket funeral flowers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we provide such a varied selection of sheaves alongside sprays.

Order Coffin Flower Arrangements from Flowers Buy Delivery

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we understand just how heartbreaking it is to lose a loved one, and we’re here to help you through this difficult time. All our floral tributes are available for delivery across Edinburgh, and we also offer a choice of either next-day delivery or delivery on a specified future date.

Simply browse our available selection online today and choose the perfect floral tribute to pay your respects.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to worry about is choosing floral tributes and arrangements.  Our selection of funeral flower arrangements is pre-designed and made in advance to allow you to focus on what really matters during this difficult time.

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be a traumatic and upsetting time, so anything that can ease the stress of organising the funeral is a welcome sight. Our expert team of florists has put together a stunning collection of tributes, sprays, and posies using only the highest-quality flowers to ensure that you get a beautiful wreath fitting for your nearest and dearest.

Using a range of different coloured flowers, arrangements, and designs, we can deliver the very best funeral flower arrangements across Edinburgh.

Casket Spray Flowers

One of the most classic arrangements for casket flowers is funeral spray flowers, as they’re simple, classic, and suitable for every individual. Our funeral sprays are comprised of traditional and contemporary flowers alike, meaning that you can select the most appropriate one. Our range is incredibly varied and is composed of stunning flowers of all types.

Funeral Wreaths in the UK

If a casket spray doesn’t quite suit your departed loved one, you might consider a coffin wreath in its place. Once again, these wreaths are incredibly diverse, allowing you to select the best floral arrangement for your dearly departed. A wreath is a great way to symbolise the circle of life and encapsulate the beauty of one’s lifetime.

Funeral Posies

Posies are another form of flower arrangement for funerals, as they are so full and vibrant. As a result, casket posies are the ideal means of signifying what a blessing life can be and how we blossom into the best versions of ourselves. Consequently, our posies are a great tribute to the fulfilled lives of those that we have sadly lost.

Floral Tributes

Finally, if you’re looking for something more personal, we also offer a variety of floral tributes that can be dedicated to the deceased. From our “DAD” funeral tribute to our dove funeral tribute, there are so many ways that you can show your appreciation for those who have passed. Show your love for your dearly departed with the help of our floral tributes.

For more information on Funeral Flower Arrangements in Edinburgh, please contact the Harvest Garden, Edinburgh on 0131 447 1788.