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A European Tour of Luxury Chocolate

There are so many excellent luxury chocolate brands based in Europe and some fantastic chocolatier history at some of Europe’s big tourist destinations. Chocolate lovers are totally spoilt for choice if they want to visit luxury chocolate manufacturers to source luxury chocolate gifts and to see how the world’s most delicious chocolate is made.

Brussels, Belgium 

The city of Brussels is a chocolate lover’s dream destination. Filled with chocolate tours, shops and cafes serving excellent chocolate, you really have everything you could want in terms of chocolate heaven. Chocolaterie Duval is the perfect place to see how the chocolate is made. Planete Chocolat offers a tempting selection of luxury chocolates including their sumptuous ‘Bouquet of Brussels Flowers’ which combines tasty chocolate with artistic creativity for a truly unique option.

Brussels is often referred to as the Chocolate Capital of the World and this is backed up by the fact that there are more chocolatiers based in Brussels per square foot than anywhere else in the world.

Neuhaus is another top luxury chocolatier that originated in Brussels, with a slightly unusual history. The Neuhaus product started life as a pharmacy product, covering medicine to make it taste nicer! Neuhaus then moved on to filling chocolate with cream ganache instead of medicine and the ‘praline’ was born. Quite the chocolate innovators, the family’s next achievement was to introduce luxury chocolate gift boxes in 1915.


The Swiss are regarded as experts in both the production of cheese and chocolate. There is a long history of chocolate production, including the Nestle factory as far back as 1819 and Lindt & Sprugli in 1892. Lindt is one of the world’s best-selling luxury chocolate brands today. Whilst they are classed as luxury chocolates, they remain more affordable than some of their competitors. Their range of delicious chocolates includes Lindor, Excellence, Hello and Creation.

London, England 

Whilst Charbonnel et Walker may not sound like it originated in England, the first chocolate shop of this brand was on New Bond Street in Mayfair. Mme Charbonnel of the Maison Boissier chocolate house in Paris collaborated with Mrs Walker to create this amazing luxury brand that is so popular today. The brand is even endorsed by the Royal Warrant to provide chocolate to The Queen!

Lubeck, Germany 

The famous Niederegger luxury chocolate brand originates from Lubeck in Germany and their brand is centred around marzipan, nougat and truffles of superior quality. The Niederegger Hearts chocolates are the perfect accompaniment for a coffee served at a sophisticated café.

For anyone looking to find out more about the history of chocolate-making and the innovative ways that luxury chocolate brands have evolved, a visit to any of these places is a must. You will also obviously get the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolate in the world and pick up some wonderful gifts to take home and treat your friends and family.

Alternatively, for somewhere a little closer to home, order your luxury chocolate gifts online with Flowers Buy Delivery, here.

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