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A Guide to Funeral Flowers 

Floriography is the study of what flowers mean, and at no time is the significance of specific types of flowers greater than when choosing a floral arrangement for a funeral. The loss of a loved one is devastating, to say the least, and sometimes, the words to express how you feel simply won’t come. In this instance, funeral sprays and posies can do the talking for you, with the types of flowers and colours chosen conveying specific messages. 

It can feel overwhelming when trying to choose what type of flowers to bring to a funeral. To help you navigate the various types and arrangements, we have put together this guide with the aim of assisting you in finding the floral tribute that allows you to say goodbye the way you want to.

Types of Funeral Flowers

There are a number of types of flowers that are associated with funerals. We’ve put together a list of the most common ones below. 


Roses are renowned for being the flower of love and respect, with various colours meaning different things. Red is associated with romance, making them an appropriate choice for romantic partners and spouses, but if you’re looking to commemorate the loss of a friend, yellow roses are the best choice. 


Lilies are the most common type of funeral flower because they signify peace, making them an admissible choice for paying your respects to someone who has passed. There are many different types of lilies, but stargazer lilies and white lilies are most commonly associated with funerals and expressing sympathy. 


Carnations are synonymous with affection, admiration, and love. Like roses and lilies, different colours can signify different things, with pink carnations considered to be the flower of remembrance, red carnations the flower of admiration, and white carnations a flower of pure love. Depending on your relationship with the deceased, either colour carnation will be an appropriate mark of respect and sympathy. 

Types of Flower Arrangements 

It’s not just the type of flowers you choose that will convey a memorial message to the departed – the arrangement you choose will also signal how you feel. It’s important to know what types of funeral flower arrangements there are so that you can extend your condolences in the most appropriate and compassionate way. Here are some of the most common types of funeral arrangements. 


A funeral posy is a dainty, round arrangement that is typically sent by friends and acquaintances of the deceased as a mark of respect. At Flowers Buy Delivery, we have a wide range of funeral posies and baskets available in an array of colours and arrangements that will help you respectfully send your sympathies and convey your condolences without detracting from familial flower arrangements. 


Funeral sprays are larger than a posy and are mostly chosen by close or immediate family members. They are similar to bouquets but have a lot more green foliage and are often in a heart or teardrop shape. Larger sprays can be laid on top of the casket, and smaller sprays can be laid atop the grave or line the side of the hearse in the absence of letter tributes. 

At Flowers Buy Delivery, we provide a wide range of hand-tied sprays for both caskets and shows of sympathy. 


Floral wreaths have been associated with funerals since the days of the Ancient Greeks and continue to be a fitting choice to expressing condolences. The traditional circular shaped wreath symbolises eternal life and is mostly given by friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. 

In contrast, letter tribute wreaths are a common addition given by immediate family members to spell out relationships, such as ‘Nan’ or ‘Mum’, or a nickname. We offer a range of traditional round funeral wreaths in the UK that allows you to express your feelings in a respectful manner. 


Sheaves are similar to sprays, but they are tied and flat. They are mostly sent after the funeral as a sympathy tribute for the family, but they can also be sent to the funeral home beforehand as a fitting complement to flowers arranged by close family members. 

Flowers Buy Delivery offers a wide range of funeral sheaves in a multitude of colours and styles, so you can say goodbye in a way that is most fitting. 

Send an Appropriate Tribute 

Funeral flowers are a good way to express your feelings if you’re struggling to put pen to paper, but it’s important to check whether they’re an acceptable tribute in line with the deceased’s religious views. 

Christians – Christians of every sect widely accept floral tributes.

Jews – Floral tributes are not a part of the Jewish mourning process and it’s not acceptable to send them. 

Buddhists – Buddhists accept flowers as an appropriate tribute; however, red is not an acceptable colour as it is a symbol of joy in Buddhism and therefore has no place at a funeral. 

Muslims – Some Muslims will accept sympathy flowers whilst others will find them inappropriate, so it’s best to check with the family if they would be accepting of them before you send them. 

Hindus – Traditionally, only close family members bring flowers to the funeral in Hinduism. 

Order a Funeral Arrangement 

If you’re looking to send your sympathies and express your condolences at the passing of a friend or family member, Flowers Buy Delivery can help you say what you want to when words don’t seem like enough. 

If you would like more information on our flower floral arrangements, please contact us

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