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Alternate Colour Combinations for Christmas

Just because red and green are the most traditional Christmas colour combinations, it doesn’t mean that you can’t also get creative and experiment with some alternative colourful ideas. Whatever colour scheme you choose for your home this Christmas, rest assured that with Flowers Buy Delivery; flower delivery in Edinburgh, you will have the perfect floral accompaniment for your chosen colours. So whether you are in Edinburgh, the surrounding areas, or elsewhere across the country; let the colour of your flowers create a statement in your home this festive season.

Local Flower Delivery in Edinburgh christmas-flower-bouquet

Experiment with alternative colours and unusual colour combinations to make your Christmas décor stand out from the crowd this year. When it comes to colour, a little creativity can go a long way. But with hundreds of ideas to choose from, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. That is why we have compiled a list of a few of our favourite colour combinations for your home this year. So go on – get inspired by colour this Christmas!

Red and Green

Let’s start with the classic. As we all know, bright reds and dark greens are a traditional Christmas colour staple. In the world of floristry, poinsettias often provide this colour scheme, with their vibrant red colour creating a fabulously festive contrast with the deep green of their foliage.

If you want to try switching it up and putting a fresh spin on this classic, try experimenting with different shades of green. Natural greens can add a bit more variety, especially when padding a bouquet out with extra foliage. We also recommend experimenting with different textures for an added dimension. For further impact, why not try adding some small pine branches or, if you have one, off-cuts from your real Christmas tree? The colours of the pine will tie into this colour scheme perfectly, and will also permeate the room with their refreshing, Christmassy scent.

Winter Wonderland

Whilst we might not get any snow outside this year, you can always invoke the magic of a white Christmas in your own home instead! Pure, dazzling white bouquets can look really striking, especially against dark wood backgrounds. Explore our range of winter bouquets with a mix of white flowers, Christmas roses, and sprays. There’s certain to be one that you will love!

To add some variety, we suggest adding silver or gold accents to make a statement. Sparkle and glitter are always an excellent choice, too, as it adds a touch of festive fun to your bouquet.

Red and Gold

Sticking with the Christmas staple of red, this year try accessorising your favourite red plants and flowers with some gold. Red and gold is a highly striking colour combination, and the richness of the two colours is perfect for this time of year.

Burnished gold can help to create a slightly more subtle look than bright or sparkly gold, so if you want a toned-down version of this combination, then that is probably the way forward for you.


Perhaps usually associated more easily with spring than winter, pastels can still create an effective alternate colour combination for the season. Pair delicate pinks with ivory and soft yellows, and add plenty of deep green foliage to take full advantage of this look. For additional flair and individuality, we recommend including some blue accents.

Which of our alternate colour combinations takes your fancy? Experiment with colour and explore our full range of winter bouquets to make your Christmas decorations truly memorable this year.

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