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Planning The Buttonholes For The Groom And His Groomsmen

The success of wedding flower packages is usually founded on the creation of a theme that runs throughout every area of the wedding – not just in the bride’s bouquets, but across all table decorations, the venue flowers, the church flowers and the bridesmaids. An area that is often overlooked or neglected is the groom buttonhole, and buttonholes for his groomsmen too.

Making sure that the groom’s buttonhole is coordinated with the entire wedding flower package is often what turns a good wedding into a really great and memorable one. Incorporating a floral theme into designs not just for the groom, but also for his groomsmen, as well as a special pageboy buttonhole too, will ensure that your big day has the depth and meaning that you deserve.

History of the Buttonhole

The groom buttonhole is not just a pretty adornment to match the beautiful bride – it actually has its roots in meaningful custom. Originally the buttonhole was used to scare off evil spirits, which were believed to turn a groom’s heart against his bride.

A carefully selected posey of flowers and herbs pinned to his lapel symbolised protection of the groom’s heart against any jealous and evil thoughts that may have been floating around the venue, keeping his eyes and his heart solely on his wife-to-be.

The Buttonhole as Part of Overall Wedding Flower Packages

When considering which buttonhole is right for your groom and his groomsmen, you want to take into account the overall theme of your wedding flower package. The buttonhole should match, or complement, the flower and design choices you make.

Formal vs Informal

If you prefer the more formal approach, then that formality can be threaded into the design of the buttonholes. This could come in the form of a single white rose, or a sculpted white lily, or possibly other more unusual but structured flowers

If you are more of a free spirit and prefer a more bohemian and natural style of groom and pageboy buttonhole, then a more natural and rustic design might be preferable. Thistle buttonholes for weddings are a trendy choice.

Flamboyant vs Discrete

The buttonhole is also the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a quirky or flamboyant character. You could have creative carte blanche to go completely wild with oversized flowers, and ostentatious foliage, ending up with a statement buttonhole that is eye-catching and mirrors the extrovert nature of the groom himself. Don’t be limited to flowers either – you can thread in feathers, precious metals, or maybe an object that has particular meaning or relevance can be incorporated into the groom’s buttonhole design, and complemented with a nod to the object in his groomsmen buttonholes.

Alternatively, your husband-to-be may have a more discrete and quiet strength that you want to reflect in the choice of groom buttonhole. A simple pin with a single flower head is all that is needed – where this works particularly well is when the chosen flower is highly symbolic and meaningful.

Buttonhole Rules

The joy of buttonholes is that there are no rules. There are no rigid boundaries that dictate what you should or should not do. Instead, the only limitations are those of your own vision and imagination. Every florist loves a client who comes in with an open brief to create wedding flower packages that are unique and exciting, with exotic and unusual flowers, foliage and other symbolic objects incorporated into the overall design.

Neither are there any rules around buttonholes for same-sex marriages. So, whether you want to wear a buttonhole on your lapel or prefer to match it with a formal corsage that is worn around the wrist, you can be as experimental and daring as you like as long as you feel that your choices reflect the innate personalities of the bride and groom.

How to Apply the Buttonhole

Traditionally, the groom wears the buttonhole on his lapel, covering and protecting his heart against any evil and jealous spirits that may be lurking.

Should a woman choose to wear a buttonhole on her lapel, she would traditionally wear it on the right hand side – but again, that is the beauty of a buttonhole – there are no rules. If you prefer to wear it on your left hand side, then that is absolutely your choice to make. Alternatively, you can choose to adapt the buttonhole and wear it as a corsage around your wrist.

A good design will ensure that the buttonhole can be pinned to your lapel securely and without flopping forward. If the design is particularly intricate, you may need assistance on the big day to ensure that it is correctly and securely pinned to your lapel.

Flowers Buy Delivery works with couples in the design and delivery of complete wedding flower packages. If you would like help and support with your flowers, contact us to discuss your needs further.

How to Cut Costs Not Corners with Your Wedding Flowers

When it comes to organising a wedding, flowers are essential. Despite this, they can be some of the most expensive things to purchase, causing brides and grooms to search for ways to cut their wedding flowers costs. Although it may seem like an impossible mission, there are, in fact, ways you can cut costs with your wedding flowers without cutting corners. Whether you’re after a gypsophila wedding bouquet or gypsophila buttonholes, with the right measures, you can have the wedding flowers of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

Wedding Flowers, Where to Start?

Getting started with selecting your wedding flowers should be easy, right? They’re just plants; how hard could it be? Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and finding where to start with your wedding flowers can lead you down a rabbit hole. In short, when in the initial stages of choosing your wedding flowers, you need to consider each of the following:

  • Theme: how can you ensure your flowers complement the theme of your wedding?
  • Venue: how can you ensure your flowers will effortlessly slot into the aesthetic of your venue?
  • Guests: what will your guests think of your flowers? Does this matter to you?
  • Budget: how much are you willing to spend on your flowers?
  • Impact: how do you want your flowers to make you/your guests feel?
  • Photographs: how do you want your flowers to appear in photos?

Even if you still feel overwhelmed by hundreds of flower varieties, sharing these details with your wedding florist will help them whittle down their flower selection to suit you.

Average Price for Wedding Flowers

We’ve touched on the fact you’ll need to bear your overall budget in mind when selecting your wedding flowers, but how do you do that without knowing the average spend? As with every aspect of a wedding, your flowers can be as expensive or affordable as you’d like them to be. Despite this, it’s thought the average couple will spend between £1,000 and £1,500 on all the flowers for their wedding. On the surface, this can seem like an extortionate amount, making the quest for more affordable wedding flowers an understandable one.

Wedding Flowers on a Budget in the UK

As previously mentioned, there are various cost-cutting measures that can be employed when it comes to hunting for wedding flowers, but what exactly are these?

Wedding Flower Packages

First up is looking into wedding flower packages. If you purchase all your flowers from one florist (e.g., bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, table flowers, decorative arrangements, etc.), they may be able to offer you a better deal. Instead of paying for each of your flower products separately, the florist may provide you with a figure that covers the cost of their entire service. This may be worth considering, particularly when the bridal bouquet alone is likely to cost you upwards of £100.

Boho Wedding Flowers

Much like the budget, the theme is something that needs to be considered in the early stages of choosing your wedding flowers. Should you choose a boho theme, this might be one of the most effective ways of cutting the cost of your wedding flowers. Boho styles give off relaxed vibes, placing emphasis on naturalness, which might be just what you’re looking for when it comes to creating flower arrangements. This way, you’ll be able to cut out the need for completely manicured appearances, which could be somewhat expensive to achieve. Since a more authentic aesthetic requires less work, it could help you reduce costs a little more.

Jam Jar Wedding Flowers

A boho-themed wedding might not be quite what you’re after, but a rustic vibe might be just what you’re looking for. In order to achieve this vibe, you could craft your very own jam jar wedding flowers, making them not only more affordable but also more personal. Whether you buy empty jam jars from a local retailer or online or save and wash your own jam jars, this is one of the most effective and affordable ways of embellishing your tables. Simply gather your favourite flowers and place them in jam jars in your desired arrangements – it couldn’t be easier!

Buy Wedding Flowers Online from Flowers Buy Delivery

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we stock all manner of wedding flowers at affordable prices. Browse our collection here or get in touch to discuss your individual requirements for a more bespoke approach. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Are The Best Flowers For a Winter Wedding?

A winter wedding can have a completely different vibe than a summer wedding. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Chances are, because it is winter, the weather is going to be shocking anyway, so you simply factor that into the overall organisation. If you’re lucky enough to have a sparkly winter day, then all the better – that’s a bonus.

There’s something rather cosy about organising your nuptials to take place during the colder months. Images of roaring fireplaces, sumptuous winter flower wedding bouquets, autumnal tones and scents, warm textures, and comforting food can often be more redolent of smaller, more intimate wedding parties.

Colour Themes

Red and green tend to be the ‘go-to’ colours for winter; this tends to be more because they are the colours of Christmas.

However, there are many more colour palettes that can arouse autumnal scents, striding out across damp fields or invoking the cleanliness and sparkly of ice and snow.

Heather and thistle bouquets

Heather is the perfect autumnal choice for a rustic winter bouquet. This group of plants offers a sumptuous array of colours and tones, ranging from shades of red, purple, pink, and white. The heather family is split into two groups – Calluna (Heathers) and Erica (Heaths). Calluna heathers flower from late summer through to Christmas, when Erica heathers take up the mantle, flowering from December through to April.

If choosing winter flowers for your wedding, heather can form an ideal base to start your theme.

The thistle can be weaved into bouquets and buttonholes to add a more three-dimensional drama and texture to your winter flower bouquets. The light purple, slightly prickly flower is redolent of mountains, moorlands, and highlands, and both complement heather or can stand alone when chosen as thistle buttonholes.

A softer touch

If you wanted to move away from the drama invoked by heather and thistles, you could opt for a softer, more traditional palette of creams and dark greens, incorporating ivory calla lilies, Akito roses and finished off with soft Ruscus. The contrast of creams and whites with the dark greenery evokes bright wintry mornings of winter snows with the brooding majesty of pine woods.

A Christmas bouquet for every occasion

You can’t talk about winter flowers for weddings without including something special for Christmas. While Christmas weddings are always a premise for disaster in soap operas like Eastenders and Emmerdale, they are actually a very popular choice for many who want to avoid the summer glut.

In fact, during the 18th and 19th centuries, Christmas Day weddings were very popular – though not for any romantic reason. Rather, it was often the only day that working-class couples could actually take as a holiday. Then as the 20th century kicked in, a number of London churches announced that they were continuing a fading tradition of penny weddings on Christmas Day. Penny weddings were fast and cheap wedding ceremonies performed for the working class. Unfortunately, inflation meant that the penny wedding had to be turned into the six shillings wedding.

Red roses, matched up with the greenery of Arrow-wood viburnum, a hardy shrub with bluish-black berries, evoke that Christmas wedding flowers theme that will never go out of fashion.

Creating layers of foliage in cascading tones of green with flashes of red Gerberas or burgundy chrysanthemums is a more individualised Christmas wedding flower design for someone looking for an alternative to the more traditional red roses. Working hand in hand with a florist who specialises in winter flowers for weddings will ensure that you find the perfect variety of flowers and foliage to reflect your personalities as a couple and your hopes and aspirations for the future.

Go rustic with a wreath

Although wreaths evoke both Christmas and funerals, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t incorporate a rustic-inspired autumnal wreath that can be reflected in your bridal bouquet, reproduced as a wreath headdress worn by both the bride and matching ones worn by the bridesmaids, redesigned as a buttonhole, and incorporated into the tabletop displays.

Go forward into spring

With the passing of Christmas and the new year, January weddings can start to bring in a taste of the new spring season, even though it is still ostensible wintertime. An early-year wedding can start to incorporate symbols of new beginnings, freshness, and rebirth.

Whatever the date you have set for your wedding, it is never too early to start planning your flower theme. Our experts at Flower Buy Design can help you create the perfect palette and theme for your autumnal and winter wedding flowers. Chat with them on the phone, or go in and see them personally in their Edinburgh shop for more help.

Caring For Your Plants Amid Adverse Climate Changes

The summer of 2022 is going to be recorded in the annals of time alongside 1976 as one of the hottest on record. With temperatures in some places hitting as high as 40 degrees, the prolonged periods of hot, dry weather have taken its toll on gardens across the UK.

While there is little we can individually do about changing the weather, there are lots of actions we can implement to take care of our gardens, make small but significant changes, and make occasional tweaks and additions that will help care for and nurture existing plants.

Choose plants that complement and collaborate with the changing conditions

In fact, there are many plants that can actually help gardens survive the changing conditions. Our thoughts may veer towards adapting planting schedules according to the warmer weather, but there are also plants that have been proven to cool the immediate environment, helping to maintain a more temperate microclimate.

For example, plants like jasmine, viburnum, and English Ivy have been shown to actively cool a building down by between 7 to 14°c. Other examples of cooling plants include fuchsia, ivy, Virginia creeper, and Russian vine.

Conifers have been found to trap pollution by absorbing particulate matter. Other pollution-busting plants include box, Elaeagnus, spindle, beech, privet, bamboo, holly, rosa rugosa, viburnum, and camellia.

Using mulch as an insulator against the heat and the cold

Mulch will become your best friend during the hottest and coldest parts of the year. A good layer of wood bark or wood chip mulch will help to conserve moisture.

Studies indicate that the mulch can reduce the soil temperature by as much as 6.5 degrees Celsius. In the winter, the mulch provides an insulating layer that can prevent frost heaving and protect the roots of woody plants and herbaceous perennials.

Other effective plants that provide insulation, both in the summer and the winter, are ivy, cherry laurel, and viburnum.

Go Wild! The bees will love you!

Experiment with a few packets of summer meadow seeds and let your lawn go back to nature.  As well as saving you untold hours walking up and down with your mower (and saving yourself money on the petrol or electricity charging the battery!), the local wildlife will love it – in particular the honeybees.

Over the last few decades, the UK has lost nearly 7.5 million across meadowland and pasture, representing 97 percent of what we used to have back in the 1930s. This loss has occurred due to the redevelopment of the land for housing and changes in farming methods.

This has had a particular effect on our pollinators. There are over 250 species of bee in the UK, and they are vital to maintaining the delicate balance in the ecosystem. As our wild meadows have disappeared, so have our pollinators. The resulting effect on the entire food chain will reverberate for decades to come.

A quick guide to planting your own wildflower meadow

You only need to leave the smallest of patches to go wild to make an impact on the ecosystem. Here’s our simple guide to creating your own wildflower meadow.

  • Ground preparation: this is the hard work – you need to get rid of all the weeds and nettles, creating a clear, level soil base.
  • Do NOT add any fertiliser! A poorer quality of soil is better, as otherwise strong grasses will take over and dominate the flowers.
  • Source some seeds. Visit your local garden centre to see what they suggest – they will be better placed to recommend varieties that are native to your area and more likely to flourish.
  • Late summer/early autumn, or early spring (April/May) is the best time to sow the seeds. Mix the seeds with dry sand and sow into the soil.
  • After sowing, firm down the soil and water generously.
  • The seeds may take about eight weeks to germinate.
  • Sit back and listen to the gentle drone of the bees buzzing as they go about collecting the pollen that will go into some delicious honey!

Remember, trying to effect change on a global scale starts with every single individual making their own unique contribution. As Robert F Kennedy once said: “You’re happiest while you’re making the greatest contribution.”

Another famous quote is from Eddie de Jong – “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

For most individuals, thinking about the climate problem on a global scale is overwhelming. The issue is so big that it feels like you’ll never make a dent in it. However, if every single individual takes one bite, not only will it help their emotional well-being in actually feeling as though they are positively contributing. Every small act will in time compound into larger and larger acts, that will soon take effect.

We love our flowers at Flowers Buy Delivery and encourage bees to visit whenever they want. Spread the love with one of our seasonal bouquets.

Funeral Casket Tributes

Floral tributes offer a traditional way to pay your respects.

Elegant and timeless, floral tributes have long been used to show respect, admiration, and love at funerals. They present the perfect opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one while giving them a fitting send-off.

Traditionally, favoured flowers for funerals include roses, lilies, gerberas, and carnations. We have various floral tributes incorporating these flowers, in addition to more contemporary styles. Show your respect and sympathy with tasteful flowers for coffins, casket sprays, tributes, and floral arrangements.

From coffin flowers to casket sprays, we stock a wide selection of floral tributes, allowing you to select a fitting display to honour your loved one. Our floral arrangements include a variety of styles, designs, and sizes, helping you to pick out the ideal way to say goodbye.

In addition to traditional floral displays, if you specifically need a casket spray for a man, we also stock a range of suitable options, giving you plenty of freedom to choose the perfect tribute.

Funeral Casket Sprays

Floral sprays for caskets are among some of the most popular funeral coffin flowers. Their minimalist appearance allows for a classic arrangement that is suitable to all manner of individuals. These simple coffin flowers are the perfect way to display respect towards your departed loved ones and bid them farewell in the most appropriate way. Whether you’re looking for traditional coffin spray flowers or something slightly more unique, our selection boasts a range of products that are suitable for just about anyone.

Coffin Top Flower Sheaves

If casket sprays don’t quite capture the essence of your dearly departed, our collection of sheaves might be just what you need. When it comes to coffin flowers, it’s imperative that you get it right in order to express your respect in the most appropriate way. Casket funeral flowers aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we provide such a varied selection of sheaves alongside sprays.

Order Coffin Flower Arrangements from Flowers Buy Delivery

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we understand just how heartbreaking it is to lose a loved one, and we’re here to help you through this difficult time. All our floral tributes are available for delivery across Edinburgh, and we also offer a choice of either next-day delivery or delivery on a specified future date.

Simply browse our available selection online today and choose the perfect floral tribute to pay your respects.

Funeral Flower Arrangements

When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, the last thing you want to worry about is choosing floral tributes and arrangements.  Our selection of funeral flower arrangements is pre-designed and made in advance to allow you to focus on what really matters during this difficult time.

Saying goodbye to a loved one can be a traumatic and upsetting time, so anything that can ease the stress of organising the funeral is a welcome sight. Our expert team of florists has put together a stunning collection of tributes, sprays, and posies using only the highest-quality flowers to ensure that you get a beautiful wreath fitting for your nearest and dearest.

Using a range of different coloured flowers, arrangements, and designs, we can deliver the very best funeral flower arrangements across Edinburgh.

Casket Spray Flowers

One of the most classic arrangements for casket flowers is funeral spray flowers, as they’re simple, classic, and suitable for every individual. Our funeral sprays are comprised of traditional and contemporary flowers alike, meaning that you can select the most appropriate one. Our range is incredibly varied and is composed of stunning flowers of all types.

Funeral Wreaths in the UK

If a casket spray doesn’t quite suit your departed loved one, you might consider a coffin wreath in its place. Once again, these wreaths are incredibly diverse, allowing you to select the best floral arrangement for your dearly departed. A wreath is a great way to symbolise the circle of life and encapsulate the beauty of one’s lifetime.

Funeral Posies

Posies are another form of flower arrangement for funerals, as they are so full and vibrant. As a result, casket posies are the ideal means of signifying what a blessing life can be and how we blossom into the best versions of ourselves. Consequently, our posies are a great tribute to the fulfilled lives of those that we have sadly lost.

Floral Tributes

Finally, if you’re looking for something more personal, we also offer a variety of floral tributes that can be dedicated to the deceased. From our “DAD” funeral tribute to our dove funeral tribute, there are so many ways that you can show your appreciation for those who have passed. Show your love for your dearly departed with the help of our floral tributes.

For more information on Funeral Flower Arrangements in Edinburgh, please contact the Harvest Garden, Edinburgh on 0131 447 1788.

How to Look After Indoor Plants

Although leafy indoor plants are a great way to spruce up any home, they can be really tricky to look after. When not properly cared for, these plants will go from being green and luscious to brown and lifeless. Consequently, they’ll no longer be pretty to look at, and you won’t be able to reap the benefits that fruitful plants provide. Ultimately, your plant will be rendered useless. Therefore, Flowers Buy Delivery has put together this handy guide to help you look after your indoor plants so that they’re able to reach their full potential. So, how do you go about caring for your indoor house plants?


A Guide to Funeral Flowers 

Floriography is the study of what flowers mean, and at no time is the significance of specific types of flowers greater than when choosing a floral arrangement for a funeral. The loss of a loved one is devastating, to say the least, and sometimes, the words to express how you feel simply won’t come. In this instance, funeral sprays and posies can do the talking for you, with the types of flowers and colours chosen conveying specific messages. 

It can feel overwhelming when trying to choose what type of flowers to bring to a funeral. To help you navigate the various types and arrangements, we have put together this guide with the aim of assisting you in finding the floral tribute that allows you to say goodbye the way you want to.


Flower Bouquets Perfect for Every Occasion

If you’re on the hunt for a stylish flower bouquet, browse our bright flower bouquet selection.

From Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day, our collection is suited to all manner of occasions and recipients. Our products are perfect for bridal bouquets and gifts alike due to our unique arrangements of top-quality, exotic flowers. With a multitude of colours and a variety of plant breeds, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with Flowers Buy Delivery. So, what types of flower bouquets are on offer in our online flower store? 


Funeral Flowers

Beautiful florist funeral flowers from Harvest Garden in Edinburgh

Losing a loved one is never easy, and it can be difficult to find the words to express your feelings; funeral flowers are the ideal way to say goodbye to your nearest and dearest. A floral tribute will not only commemorate their passing, but it will also celebrate their life.