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Celebrate in Style with Flowers and Chocolates

The summer months are always associated with celebrating – whether it is for birthdays, weddings, babies, the end of exam season or finishing university; so this year, do it in style. We’re certainly not known for holding back or doing things by half here in Edinburgh, especially when it comes to life-changing events like these!

When it comes to arranging a little something special for your loved ones this summer to remember those important moments in their lives, remember that flowers and chocolates are clichés for a reason – because they’re the most popular and best-received gifts!

Celebrate… Birthdays and Babies

If your calendar is a little chock-a-block with birthday celebrations and baby showers (you have more than just a few friends that are almost ready to give birth!), then you aren’t alone. Sending celebration flowers is the perfect way of showing you care when your diary is too hectic to attend each and every event.


Pregnancy cravings are as weird and wacky as they come; it’s just a fact of life. Don’t be surprised if your friends suddenly start craving gherkins dipped in chocolate or anything covered in marzipan – as well as the usual cravings of milk, watermelon and ice; these are all part and parcel of carrying a baby.

Celebrate… Weddings

Celebrating the weddings of your closest friends is a rite of passage that we all tend to go through as we get older. Many people getting married prefer to ask for cash towards their honeymoon in lieu of a gift these days, but that doesn’t stop you from buying them a bottle of bubbly for when the big day and honeymoon are over with!

Celebrate… Growing Up

Finishing school, college, and university can be stressful – but only because it is proceeded by exam season. Making it through the end of year exams in one piece is a significant achievement for the avid student, and waiting for those hard earned results adds an entirely new level of stress.

Celebrate your loved ones coming of age or entering the world of work with flowers and chocolates, a bottle of the good stuff or even a chocolate hamper to help alleviate their worries!

You don’t need an excuse to celebrate, but it helps – choose your gifts with ease here at The Harvest Garden.

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