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Celebrate in Style with Graduation Flowers

Whether it’s high school, sixth form, college, or university, graduation time is fast coming around again! The moment when all their hard work has paid off and the degree, diploma or certificate is finally in hand, this is undeniably a blissful moment and for many, will also be the pinnacle of their educational journey.

Graduation cap and beautiful flowerNo matter if you will be present at the ceremony or are just cheering them on from afar, congratulations flowers make the perfect way to do so in style. Here are our top tips to help you pick out the perfect bouquet of celebration flowers to show your support and brighten their special day.

Be Bold

Coming to the end of the educational journey is undeniably a good cause for celebration, which is why it’s important to showcase the party atmosphere through your choice of celebration flowers. Bright colours and bold contrasts are sure to set the right tone and opting for vibrant blooms will also add an extra touch of happiness to their big day. After all, if you can’t be bold when you’re celebrating a hard-earned achievement, when can you?

Not Just for the Girls

Who says flowers can’t make a great gift for men? Although flowers are often seen as a traditionally feminine gift, in today’s world, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t give the gift of a bouquet to help the man in your life celebrate his graduation. No matter whether he’s your son, grandson, brother, friend, or boyfriend, he’s sure to appreciate the thought behind your gift.

Flowers Galore

Which flowers are best for graduation bouquets? We have celebration flowers in a wide range of different colours, styles, and arrangements, giving you plenty of freedom to select the right bouquet for the new graduate in your life. Why not pick an arrangement that incorporates their favourite flower? Alternatively, do a little research, investigate the meaning and symbolism behind flowers, and choose a bouquet that carries a hidden meaning between the pair of you.

Inspired Colour Scheme

Add a unique touch to your celebration flowers by opting to include the graduate’s school, college, or university colours in the selection of blooms you choose. Although this won’t always be applicable, it is a great way to show that you have carefully considered the flower arrangement you choose. Many graduates will wear their university’s colours as part of their gown, so a matching bouquet of fresh congratulations flowers will work wonders.

Feeling inspired? We have a wide range of beautiful bouquets and outstanding floral arrangements that are ideal for new graduates. Simply browse our available selection of congratulations flowers online today and order your favourite!

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