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Why Choose Seasonal Flowers?

Flowers look beautiful all year round and can brighten up any room, but what many people don’t realise is that it’s better to choose them according to the season. Every flower that grows does so naturally throughout one of the four seasons of the year.

flowersFor some flowers, winter is too cold to grow and for others, the summer is too hot. It’s far better to order locally grown blooms and choose flower delivery; Edinburgh residents can benefit from this to get a more varied range without having to compromise on sustainability.

There are plenty of reasons to choose seasonal when it comes to flowers – here are some of them.


Fresh flowers both look and smell amazing and whilst you can get most flowers at any time of year, the ones grown in that season may seem fresher. A flower that should be grown in the summer won’t naturally be able to grow outside in the winter and with that, it may have to be grown using artificial light and growing enhancers. Although it might look like the same flower, it isn’t. It won’t be as fresh and due to the chemicals used, it may be harmful to the environment. Some plants that are flowered in the wrong season also might not last as long as their natural counterparts.


Many flowers can be ordered and delivered from other countries. Whilst this is great for those ordering, it’s simply not a sustainable option. Bringing in flowers from other countries can be dangerous for the environment as some aren’t meant to be grown in the country, meaning that they may actually end up being harmful to native plant life. Luckily, choosing flowers from the current season wouldn’t cause this problem as they would be able to grow naturally outside. Of course, some are given a little help and grown inside when the weather is bad, but this is to ensure the flower stays healthy. Instead, florists that supply fresh seasonal flowers are ensuring that locals have the option to be more sustainable.


Many weddings are themed seasonally and if you’re having a summer wedding it’s highly unlikely that you would want to pick winter flowers and vice versa. The colours of winter flowers wouldn’t match your summery colour scheme and that could end up leaving you with a mismatched theme overall. Flowers are traditionally seen on the wedding tables, down the aisle and in the bridal party’s hands and whilst they all look beautiful in their own right, if they don’t match the colour theme it could end up spoiling the look.

Flower Delivery in Edinburgh

If you are thinking of buying flowers for a special event or even just to brighten up your home, do a little research and find out which flowers will be in season. There’s nothing better than a vase of fresh flowers; they brighten up the room and make you feel good.

So, if you are looking to buy flowers, why not have them delivered directly to your door? For more information or to place an order, please contact us today.

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