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Christmas Chocolate Gift Guide

The festive season is fast approaching, and Christmas chocolate gifts are the ideal gift for any recipient in the UK. Indulging in chocolate releases endorphins, meaning that chocolate gift ideas are not only presents of deliciousness, but also of happiness. A gift of chocolate is one that conveys real care due to the way you can select flavours and shapes that are catered to the recipient’s taste. Flowers Buy Delivery makes this all the more achievable through our varied range of festive goodies.

We supply the most exclusive sweet treat ranges, including Niederegger, Churchill’s, Reber, Neuhaus, and Beech’s. These will be sure to outshine your typical high street brand with unique flavours and a luxury feel. 

GoNiederegger Treats

Niederegger is ideal for marzipan lovers, combining the delectability of marzipan with the scrumptiousness of chocolate. Niederegger is a German brand that has specialised in nougat and marzipan since 1806. They were once the treats of emperors and tsars, so you can be sure of their premium quality. Not only is this brand rich in history, but it’s rich in flavour – the perfect combination of heritage and deliciousness. 

When it comes to Niederegger, you’re not limited to chocolate alone. Our Niederegger range is comprised of liqueurs, marzipan potatoes, mini tartlets, rum and raisin loaves, marzipan loaves, truffles, sweets, and chocolates. Whether you’re picking a festive treat for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone else, Niederegger leaves you spoilt for choice!

Churchill’s Tin

The Churchill’s chocolates have a glamorous exterior due to their range of decorative tins. The beautiful appearance of the tins only reflects what’s inside, as each tin contains decadent sweets, chocolate, or biscuits. Despite the ornamental appearance look of the packaging, the goodies inside are in no way pretentious. Instead, they radiate the comforting feel of home baking, perfectly balancing between opulence and familiarity. 

With most treat gifts, once the recipient has gobbled up the goodies, they’re left with cardboard packaging. Churchill’s has responded with the solution of souvenir tins that can be used for years after the initial purchase. Each tin will contain either chocolate creams, shortbread, jelly beans, biscuits, or fudge, meaning that there is a Churchill’s treat to suit all tastes. 

Reber Chocolates

Our Reber selection is comprised of handcrafted delicacies from another longstanding German chocolatier. Reber has been on the market for upwards of 145 years, producing traditional German sweets made from chocolate, marzipan, nougat, and pistachios. There is a reason that Reber is such a well-renowned brand across the globe.

Reber’s sweet treats are certainly more luxurious than your standard chocolate brand, with chocolate pastetes, kirsch hearts, and praline rum, raspberry, and champagne truffles. These delicate flavours are certainly reflective of a celebration and make the perfect personal festive treat or a thoughtful gift.

Neuhaus Chocolates

Neuhaus is a range that comes straight from the chocolate capital of the world: Brussels. Its founder initially established the brand to make medicine more bearable for patients, emphasising the way in which chocolate contributes to wellbeing. 

When it comes to chocolate, Neuhaus perfectly adheres to the notion that less is more. They do not complicate the process with complex ingredients; their treats are simply made from delicious chocolate. This chocolate is rich and velvety with a smooth texture that dances across your tongue. Neuhaus chocolates are the ideal chocoholic gift this Christmas. 

Beech’s Chocolate

Beech’s is all about British heritage as the brand was founded in the Lancashire city of Preston. The refinement of the packaging is quintessentially British, communicating elegance and sophistication. 

Beech’s are most well known for their chocolate creams and selection boxes, making them the perfect festive sharing treat. Whether you’re stocking up on Christmas nibbles or are on the hunt for the perfect gift, Beech’s are certainly crowd-pleasers. 

Luxury Gift Boxes

If you find yourself stuck on what to buy someone, you might opt for one of our luxury gift boxes. We have plenty of festive gift boxes on offer for all manner of recipients. Whether you want a gift for yourself, families, him, her, or even for corporate purposes, we have a gift box for you. 

Not only are the boxes themselves incredibly varied, but what’s inside is, too! Our gift boxes can be filled with after dinner mints, fondant creams, chocolate marzipans, chocolate gingers, novelty chocolates, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. Take the work out of decision-making and let Flowers Buy Delivery put a box together for you. 

Get ready for the festive season with our delectable chocolate selections. Otherwise, contact us for any queries regarding service, products, or delivery zones. 

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