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The Different Meanings of Red Roses

One of our favourite days of the year has to be Red Rose Day, so what better way to prepare than to learn the different meanings of the popular flower?

red-rosesRed Rose Day is celebrated on 12th June every year, and it is the perfect excuse to gift that someone special with one of the most iconic blossoms in the world. As an Edinburgh florist, we offer delivery throughout the UK, helping you to say what words possibly couldn’t otherwise manage.

What you may not realise is that a red rose can have many different meanings, so allow us to enlighten you to this iconic flowers many connotations.

Single Rose

Presenting a single rose of any colour has the meaning of utter devotion. If you want to tell someone that “I’m yours”, you will not go far wrong by presenting them with a single red rose, especially if it comes with an assortment of luxury chocolate gifts.

Two Roses

Two red roses entwined together shows commitment and is a signal of marriage or a proposal. This is the perfect token of love when you are planning on popping the question to your significant other. If they are a true lover of flowers, chances are, they will already be saying yes before you get down on one knee.

Red with Yellow Roses

Red roses presented along with yellow roses portray happiness and are commonly given at a time of celebration. These might be gifted to mark an achievement, birthday or significant life event.

Red and White Roses

Together, red and white roses are a sign of unity and are best gifted in times when you have to pull together with one another through times of hardship. If you are seeking the best way to show compassion for someone, you should look to gift an assortment of red and white roses.

11 Roses

Bouquets of red roses have different meanings depending on the number of flowers in the assortment. When you present someone with 11 red roses, you are telling them that they are truly and deeply loved.

13 Roses

There is a reason that bouquets of 13 red roses are popular on Valentine’s Day because this is the sign of a secret admirer. More often than not, this is given along with luxury chocolate gifts and an anonymous message, leaving you guessing who is behind the show of affection.

Now you are fully aware of the different meanings behind red roses, you can purchase your gift for Red Rose Day from Flowers Buy Delivery, confident of sending the right message. Visit our Edinburgh shop, order online or call our team on 0131 447 1788 today.

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