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Easter 2021

Sunday 4th April marks Easter Sunday 2021, and it also marks over a year since lockdown was first introduced in the United Kingdom due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re a big believer in Easter or not, simply surviving the last year more than warrants a sweet treat, and that’s why we’re offering Easter egg delivery in the UK.

No one quite knows how Easter will look in 2021, but with the vaccine roll-out, it’s hoped it will be very different from last year.

In 2020, children up and down the country were confined to Easter egg hunts in their gardens, church services were abandoned and the concept of living in lockdown was still very new. This time around, though, it’s hoped things will be on the up.

One thing the pandemic has shown is that even the smallest things can generate the biggest smiles, and that’s why, just like last year, we’ve made every effort to ensure we can deliver high quality, extra tasty Easter treats to everyone who wants one.

When is Easter 2021?

The dates of Easter fluctuate each year in line with the sighting of the spring full moon. Easter Sunday is due to fall on Sunday 4th April 2021, giving you eight days less time to prepare for it compared to last year.

Good Friday 2021 will be on Friday 2nd April, and Easter Monday will be on the 5th April – giving you an extra day to tuck into all the chocolate the Easter bunny delivered.

Why do we Celebrate Easter?

For Christians, Easter is the most important occasion of the year. They believe that on Good Friday, Jesus died on the cross and on Easter Sunday he was resurrected. The week leading up to Easter Friday is known as the holy week.

Easter Celebrations

Typically, Christians celebrate Easter by going to church, praying to God, celebrating the life of Jesus Christ and getting together with friends and family for a meal.

For decades, it’s been customary to give children (and adults) a chocolate Easter egg, with many children believing the chocolate to be a gift by the Easter bunny. Given the meaning of Easter, it seems bizarre to have a giant chocolate-giving bunny, but it does tie in.

For Christians, Easter Sunday marks a new life, and this is where the rabbit comes in. At some stage in the 19th century, it was noted that rabbits give birth to large litters which signify new life, and therefore it was deemed to be a good fit for the meaning of Easter.

It was traditionally forbidden to eat eggs during holy week and, instead, eggs would be saved and decorated before being given to children at the end of the holy week. It was the Victorians who took this tradition and turned it into something that’s more recognisable to us today.

Chocolate comes into the equation for no significant reason, other than it proved to be popular with people in France and Germany in the 19th century, and so it stuck!

Children and Easter

It’s impossible to tell what will happen come Easter this year, but what we do know is how to make the most out of a bad situation. There are a number of activities you can do to keep children occupied during the Easter half-term (when they’re not munching on chocolate), including:

  • Garden treasure hunt – hide small Easter chocolates and novelty items around the garden. If you don’t have a garden, you can hide them around the house in biscuit jars, under the sofa, behind the TV and in the bed!
  • Colour in Easter pictures – there are lots of Easter-themed images online for you to download and colour in. Glitter, beads and paints can be used to give the picture an extra dash of uniqueness definitely worthy of being displayed on the fridge or in the front window.
  • The story of Easter – remind children why Easter is celebrated by putting together a play in your home. If you’re able to mix households, you could rope their friends in, but if not, get the family involved!

Order Your Easter Egg for Delivery

We have a wide range of Easter chocolates available, including our luxury Lindt Easter egg and novelty chocolates range. All of our chocolates and Easter eggs are delivered to addresses within the UK, and if you order before 3pm, your chocolates can be with you the next day.

Simply add the chocolates you wish you purchase to your cart and checkout. If you have questions about our products, our delivery zones or our service, please contact us.

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