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Flowers and Chocolates for Men

When shopping for the man in our life, flowers and chocolates don’t usually feature high on the list of potential gifts – but the right assortment can make the perfect gift.

Although it is true that women traditionally love receiving flowers for any occasion, there doesn’t even need to be a reason for a beautiful bouquet to be appreciated. Different flowers have different meanings and can help to tell a message that the giver may not be able to find quite the right words for.fathers-day-chocolates-flowers

Not Just for Women

There is a common misconception that flowers are a gift exclusively for women, but this is false. Gifting flowers can be a sign of love and affection, a sign of sorrow and forgiveness and happiness – these are all emotions that men feel just as much as women.

Flowers are commonly regarded as a feminine gift, something that would not necessarily be appreciated if gifted to a man. As the world has changed over the years, so has what is and isn’t considered acceptable, so do away with prehistoric gender stereotypes and give the gift of flowers to the man in your life.

Picking the Right Flowers

Of course, there are certain types of flowers that are better suited to women as opposed to men, so it is best to pick flowers based on the individual’s preferences. If you’re unsure, play it safe by sticking to bright and vibrant colours when picking out the perfect arrangement.

It is also important to consider their personality traits – are they a happy-go-lucky kind of man? Or do they possess a steely determination and a can-do attitude? Perhaps it is all of the above, which is great as it means you have a wider variety of flowers to pick from.

Once you have picked the perfect assortment, it is time to consider how you will give your gift of flowers. If it is a romantic partner you are buying for, surprise them at home for a more personal touch. If you are buying for a special occasion or even just to cheer someone up, have them sent directly to their home or office for a pleasant surprise.

Luxury Chocolate Gifts

It’s true what they say – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and there is no better vehicle for the journey than chocolate. Everyone loves a naughty treat, and with quirky gifts such as chocolate pizzas available, he is sure to love them even before a bite has been taken.

For more information on how you can surprise the man in your life with flowers and chocolates, call our team on 0131 447 1788.

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