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How to Look After Indoor Plants

Although leafy indoor plants are a great way to spruce up any home, they can be really tricky to look after. When not properly cared for, these plants will go from being green and luscious to brown and lifeless. Consequently, they’ll no longer be pretty to look at, and you won’t be able to reap the benefits that fruitful plants provide. Ultimately, your plant will be rendered useless. Therefore, Flowers Buy Delivery has put together this handy guide to help you look after your indoor plants so that they’re able to reach their full potential. So, how do you go about caring for your indoor house plants?

Select an Area of Ample Sunlight

First thing’s first, small indoor plants and large indoor plants in the UK or elsewhere require a certain amount of sunlight. Sunlight is required for plants to undergo photosynthesis, which is the process that keeps them alive. As a result, the intensity, duration, and quality of sunlight impact a plant’s growth. 

Contrary to popular belief, you should refrain from placing a plant in direct sunlight and, instead, ensure they have plenty of indirect sunlight by placing them in a well-lit room. If you struggle for natural light in your home, fluorescent lighting can sometimes work as an alternative. Flowering plants require 12-16 hours of light each day, whereas foliage plants need 14-16 hours. 

Don’t Move Them Around Too Much

Plants are extremely delicate and adapt themselves to their surroundings very slowly, meaning that you should from excessively moving them around. This is especially true if the move results in a drastic temperature change, as this will subject the plant to stress. If you’re looking to relocate your plant, you should start by moving it to the new location for an hour a day and gradually increase the length of time that it’s left there until it has properly adapted. 

Increase the Room’s Humidity

Most plants, with the exception of cacti, rely on humidity. A room humidifier with a cool mist will fill the air with moisture or, alternatively, you can fill a tray with pebbles and water nearby. Naturally, the water will evaporate, which will create moisture in the air. Similarly, you might spray your plants with water if they’re looking dry or wilted. Gathering your plants together is another effective measure of raising humidity within the room. 

Fill the Pot with Fertiliser

In order to thrive, houseplants require fertiliser. If you fail to repot your plants and incorporate nutrients into the soil, plants will inevitably die. Despite this, types of indoor plants will determine what kind of fertiliser would be the most effective.

For instance, fertilisers that are high in potassium are great for flowering plants, whilst potting soils and fertilisers that are high in nitrogen are the ideal options for foliage plants. This is so that your plants are able to obtain micronutrients, which are essential for their survival. 

Regularly Prune Your Plant

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast rule about how often you should prune your plants, as each type of plant has different pruning requirements. Therefore, it’s important that you conduct research regarding how often you should be pruning your plant’s roots. Without pruning, plants may grow out of control, so much so that the roots outgrow their pot. Consequently, pruning is vital if you don’t want to be constantly replanting your plants.

When it comes to pruning, you should cut off any dead stems or branches, as these can attract bugs. Similarly, you should prune upwards of the leaf node at a rough 45° angle, as this will lead to a more robust and fuller plant. 

Don’t Tip Coffee or Tea into Your Houseplant 

Some individuals claim that coffee grounds are beneficial to a plant’s health; however, this can actually be detrimental to some sensitive plants and can lead to their demise. More accurately, tea and coffee in your plants will attract flies that won’t hesitate to eat away at your plants. On top of this, the sugars in tea and coffee create the ideal breeding ground for unwelcome insects.

Buy Indoor Plants from Flowers Buy Delivery

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we stock many indoor plants online. Whether you’re looking for indoor floor plants or indoor hanging plants, we have the product for you. In order to learn more about our collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A helpful member of our team will be on hand to assist you with any plant-related queries and point you toward the best products. 

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