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Kiss and Make Up with Flowers and Chocolates

Have you had a tiff with a loved one and are not quite sure how best to let bygones be bygones? If so, then breaking the ice with flowers and chocolates as part of Kiss and Make Up Day on Friday 25th August will make for a good starting point.

At one point or another, we have all said something that we did not mean in the heat of the moment and hurt someone that we love dearly. However, the longer you leave it to say sorry, the harder it gets.sorry-flowers

Kiss and Make Up Day encourages us to put aside any pointless squabbles and focus on what really matters, that we care for one another. There is no better way to show someone how much you care for them than by presenting flowers and chocolates as gifts.

Saying Sorry with Flowers and Chocolates

Saying sorry is never easy, but neither is losing someone you value over something that can be settled with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a cup of coffee. Either send your flowers and chocolates by post or surprise your loved one by presenting their gift in person – you can never truly beat that all-important personal touch.

Remember, different flowers mean different things, so make sure to pick the right set. Incorporate flowers such as roses, especially if they are for your significant other, and tulips as the perfect blossoms to ask for forgiveness.

Water Under the Bridge

Sorry is the hardest word, but after the initial awkwardness, you can begin to build bridges and move forward together. All relationships, whether it is lovers, friends or family members, lock heads from time to time and, in the end, you have to really consider whether it is worth losing that person from your life.

In the end, all that really matters is being surrounded with the people that care about you the most. So, in the spirit of Kiss and Make Up Day, why not call it water under the bridge with flowers and chocolates and take in the bigger picture?

Edinburgh Flower Delivery

From our shop in Edinburgh, we are able to send your carefully-chosen flowers and chocolates by post, meaning that all that you have to do is pick out the best assortment for you and let bygones be bygones.

For further inspiration, check out our range of Sorry Flowers, helping you to say the hardest word in the English language.

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