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Looking for the Perfect Birthday Gift?

Now that it’s the new year, many of us will know someone with a birthday that’s fast approaching and it can often be difficult to know what to get them. It’s not always easy finding the right gift for the right person – especially after Christmas.

birthday-giftsThere are plenty of places that offer gifts for loved ones, but if you’re struggling, then why not try a reputable florist? Edinburgh has a wide variety, but here at Flowers Buy Delivery, there are more than enough gifts to choose from for that someone special.

Here’s a list of things you can buy for your loved ones to show them you care:


For those with a sweet tooth, a box of chocolates could be the perfect gift. You might want to think of novelty chocolates; for those who love football there’s a chocolate football kit and for the gardener’s out there there’s a chocolate gardening set. If the person you’re buying for is diabetic or has gluten allergies, don’t panic because there are chocolate options for them, too. We even have chocolate covered fruit or diet chocolate for those who are watching their weight.


Your friend might not be a huge chocolate lover but still has a sweet tooth – there are sweets for everyone at Flowers Buy Delivery; fruit jelly assortments, Jelly Belly beans for the kids and fruits in liquor for the adults. For those who love nougat, there is an assortment of different flavoured bars and even a nougat gift box.

Wine and Champagne

A birthday, like any occasion, is something to celebrate; another year older but another year wiser. Alcohol is the perfect gift for the birthday girl or boy. Go classic with a bottle of red or white wine, or for those who like a sweeter drink, there’s Rose or Champagne – a lovely gift for those who like a little bubbly in their life.

Hamper Gifts

If you can’t decide what to get, why not mix it up a little with a gift hamper? A chocolate hamper would be ideal for the sweet-toothed amongst your friends and family. If you’re wanting to go a little savoury then a fine food hamper would work brilliantly and for the health fanatics, try an exquisitely presented fruit basket.


You could always go original – nothing says you care quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers does. If you know their favourite blooms then you’re pretty much sorted, but if not, don’t worry – just select a beautiful arrangement from our wide range of birthday bouquets.

If you are in search for the perfect gift then opt for a reputable florist in Edinburgh, with Flowers Buy Delivery. For more information or gift ideas, please give our friendly team a call on 0131 447 1788 or visit us online, here.

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