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The Meaning of Funeral Flowers

When a loved one passes, it goes without saying that you will want to pay them the respect they deserve, while showing them all the love in the world. Funeral flowers are a beautiful and timeless way to mourn a death and celebrate life. as well as one of the most popular fixtures at many of life’s biggest moments, such as weddings, Christenings, anniversaries.

There are many ways in which to leave a tribute to your loved ones that have passed. From a heartfelt reading or poignant elegy to a quiet moment where your sole focus is to address and remember the person in question. That being said, one of the most popular ways to honour, remember and send off a loved one is through the use of flowersfuneral-flowers-wreath

With so many stunning options out there to choose from, though, when it comes to the different species and colours, how do you pick the right arrangement? How do you find one flower – or one collection of flowers – to say everything you want to say, communicate everything you are feeling, and suit both the occasion and the individual?

The easiest way would be to get in touch with an experienced florist and ask more about funeral flowers and their intricacies, letting them point you in the right direction with their knowledge and advice.

If you prefer to know first-hand, though, see below:

Our Guide to Funeral Flowers


One of the most popular flowers for funerals, lilies are almost universally symbolic. Their main association is the innocence of the departed’s soul. White lilies mean purity, stargazer lilies offer sympathy, and oriental lilies represent eternal life.


These flowers offer a distinct insight into the character of the recently passed, representing traits like sincerity, integrity, and strong character. The colours available offer further depth into the statement you want to make, with softer colours (white, pink) encapsulating both the strength of the flower (character) and the softness of colour (temperament).


Pretty and gentle, these flowers are a popular choice for both weddings and funerals, because of what they represent. Though, each colour has its own distinct meaning. Pink are for gratitude and remembrance, as well as maternal love. Red convey strong emotions and true love, while white stands for innocence, purity, and faithfulness.


As you will no doubt know, roses have a language all of their own. They are a lovely, classic addition to any funeral arrangement, from baskets and wreaths full of roses to a single rose symbolising lasting love in a bouquet. White roses are for purity and innocence; red roses signify respect, courage, and deep love or emotion. Pink roses also symbolise love, as well as grace and poise, while crimson represents deep grief and sorrow. Meanwhile, yellow is symbolic of strong bonds, and purple denotes success and dignity. All apt and meaningful for any funeral.


A refined and exotic flower, the orchid is considered a beautiful treasure and a lasting gift. It also symbolises eternal love. It can be “given” to the deceased, or used to represent them and the sentiments towards them.


These sweet flowers symbolise elegance, grace, and love. Each colour tulip signifies something different, from true and perfect love (red) and forgiveness (white) to cheerful thoughts and best wishes (yellow).

Of course, the selection we have touched on above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to having to pick the right funeral flowers for your loved one. There are no hard and fast rules, and no florist will know what your recently passed friend or family member loved best. So take inspiration from our very brief guide, but feel free to get in touch and let us talk you through putting together just the right arrangement.

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