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Planning For the Future

When it comes to planning for the future, we often imagine graduation, holidays, weddings and children being born, but often, there is little thought given to our one last hoorah – our funeral service.

October 30th is officially Create a Great Funeral Day, where we are all encouraged to sit down with our loved ones and discuss our preferences for when the time comes. Funeral flowers, choice of music and guest attire are all things that many people struggle to decide on when grieving a loved one, so planning well in advance is a practical and bonding moment between loved ones.

While these decisions might appear to be trivial when prepared in advance, the truth is that when the time comes, your loved ones will look back on this moment with love in their hearts and feel comforted that they will be organising a funeral that celebrates your life perfectly.

Where to Start

planning-funeral-flowersUpon hearing the sad news that a loved one has moved on, it can be very overwhelming – and this is only intensified if you need to organise the funeral, too – with all the decisions that need to be made. What music to play, what flowers to choose, the cars, the food, the decorations, the wake… where do you start when someone dies?

You start with a Funeral Director.

Your funeral director will ask many questions about the service you want, so although it may be the last thing on your mind, it helps to go to this meeting prepared to make important decisions.

After this, you will need to start preparing the Order of Service. Get your family together and work through this together, it can be incredibly cathartic to talk and remember your loved one over some comfort food with the people who knew them best.

The Big Decisions

Choosing funeral flowers, music, cars and the wake are also big decisions that need to be made.


While many people opt for flowers that remind them of their loved ones, there are many more who want something more traditional. The meanings of different flowers can help sway this decision one way or the other.

Choosing your own flowers makes the whole day feel much more personal, and you can take the flowers with you after the funeral to help brighten up the wake, too.

As well as decorative flowers; tributes, wreaths, sprays and posies are all flower options available. Something commemorative to sit atop the coffin is a nice touch that will be appreciated by all.


Another funeral tradition that many people adopt is the funeral car procession. Chauffeured black cars lead the coffin and the family to the chapel of rest, passing slowly through the streets along the way.


If no music is chosen, most funerals are accompanied by inoffensive organ music  – but if this doesn’t feel right for your funeral, prepare some music in advance. Personal favourites that can be played as guests walk in and walk out of the service is the standard, but you can always book a band for the wake if you would prefer to keep the mood upbeat post-service.

The Wake

Many people treat the wake as a celebration of their nearest and dearests’ life, with food and drink, and sharing memories. Let friends and family help prepare the food, let the drinks flow, and reminisce all the good times.

Photo albums and decorative memoirs are a great way of allowing guests to remember their friends and family.

Losing a loved one – be it family or friend –  is a difficult time for everyone involved, but by preparing some of these important aspects of a funeral in advance, your memory can be remembered as you want it by all.

If you are looking for more information about funeral flowers, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0131 447 1788.

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