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Preparing for Your Wedding Day

Due to the amount of effort that goes into your wedding, it can often take months to plan – after all, it is supposed to be the best day of your life.


However, as you get closer to the big day it is worth taking certain measures to ensure that everything is in place – especially for those who are worried that something might go wrong. To make sure it doesn’t you should call the caterers, make sure the venue will be prepared to your exact specification and check up on your flower delivery. Edinburgh is ideal for this, due to being so centrally located and within reach, if there is something that you have forgotten it can be pretty simple to fix. If you are feeling unprepared, here is a list of things to check beforehand to help ease your mind a little.

Check and Double Check the Guest List

Whilst you might have sent out your invitations months ago and have already decided on the seating plan, it’s worth checking the guest list again. Some people may drop out last minute due to unforeseen circumstances or you might need to squeeze another person in here and there so checking it now will give you the peace of mind you need to know that all the people you love will be there on your big day.

Ensure the Dress is Ready

Although you may have already had confirmation that the dress is ready it might be worth just confirming it once again. Your dress is vital to the wedding day, it’s the one opportunity for you to look like a princess and if for some reason it isn’t ready on time it could ruin your big day. If you double check on it you will be able to relax and enjoy the build-up to your wedding day.

Call the Venue and Caterers

It’s been planned for months but if you have had to remove or add people to the guest list you will need to let the caterers and venue know. It’s also great to check up on them to ensure that they can provide everything you need. Accidents can happen and if for some reason they are unable to supply something you will then have sufficient time to source it from elsewhere.

Make Sure Flowers are Delivered on Time

Extremely important to your big day, flowers aren’t only decorative, but they are a tradition. Of course, there should be no reason for them not to be on time but it doesn’t hurt to double check that the florist has the right delivery date and information. You, of course, want to carry your beautiful bouquet down the aisle.

Flower Delivery in Edinburgh

If you’ve only just started to plan your big day and live in Edinburgh, then think about flower delivery now – rather than sending someone from the wedding party to retrieve them last minute, ensuring you have them delivered will keep your mind at ease. You should also consider picking the right seasonal flowers for your wedding, you will want it to match the season that you are getting married in whilst also matching your colour scheme. For more information on our wedding flowers please contact us today.

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