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Pretty in Purple: Flowers to Celebrate 2018’s Colour of the Year

Purple, often associated with luxury and grandeur, is the perfect colour theme for your wedding, or looks equally beautifully used in a mixed gift bouquet. Purple is also the colour of Scotland’s symbolic flowers, Thistle and Heather; often utilised as beautiful wedding flowers in Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole.

purple-flowersEvery December, Pantone, creators of the Pantone Colour Matching System (the commonly referred to standardized colour reproduction system) release their new Colour of the Year for the year ahead. For 2018, the colour chosen was ultra-violet, a deep, blue-based purple similar to shades of purple often associated with artists like Prince and David Bowie.

In celebration of 2018’s colour of the year, we share some of our favourite purple flower varieties.

Dendrobium Orchids

Commonly found in all shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. The most striking of the Dendrobium Orchid features a faded graduation from deep purple to white. Purple orchids represent admiration and respect and could be the perfect gift for someone you revere.

Calla Lily

Is there any plant more iconic than the Calla Lilly? Although available in a rainbow of colours, Calla Lilies cover a vast spectrum of purples, from deep reddy-shades to dusky blues.


Hydrangeas are popular for growing in domestic gardens due to its hardy nature. They grow as a shrub with blooms of multiple flower heads. Certain variations of Hydrangea grow in deep purple hues but more interestingly, the flowers can change colour when planted in different soils.


Another easy garden grower, Gladiolus plants grow in “stalks” and can reach heights of up to 1.5 metres (5ft). Each plant grows between 6-8 florets of a deep, rich velvety-colour purple. Ideal for creating variations of height in a bouquet or garden.

Bowle’s Mauve

A type of bushy wallflower, Bowle’s Mauve produces pretty, fragrant four-petalled flowers of soft purples and mauve in dense clusters.


A beautiful, fluffy flower going by the common name “Blazing Star”, Liatris are popular for use in butterfly gardens and flower arrangements for their attractive purple colours.

From soft grey-purples to deep, intense purples, these flowers can offer a shade to compliment any theme. With many easy to grow, hardy varieties, the aforementioned flower types could be the perfect plant for your garden or display.

If you are looking for arrangements or wedding flowers in Edinburgh for your special day, Flowers Buy Delivery can build a unique display, perfect for your requirements. Visit our Edinburgh shop or contact our team of expert florists on 0131 447 1788.

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