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Rekindling the Romance by Candlelight

Saturday evening arrives, and he finally arrived home; stressed and tired as usual. He opened the door and heard… complete silence. He tread towards the kitchen and opened the door, only to find her looking striking in that alluring, silk emerald dress that he used to love so much. Silky auburn hair cascading past her soft, slender neck, and down those prominent collarbones, resting on those exquisite, shoulders. She looked beautiful and elegant, a picture of perfection surrounded by the beautiful, flickering candlelight.

He gazed past her at the table, which had been set to perfection; beautiful soft linen and the finest crystal glasses. The small glass tea lights she had set all around the room flickered and sparkled; only accentuating and drawing attention to her gentle rosy glow, and boy was she glowing! Soft, melodies were playing in the background somewhere and the room smelt divine; a mysterious musky scent filled with patchouli and deep oud incense.

He looked back at her again, and their eyes met, she challenged his gaze with that subtle cheeky twinkle in her eye, the very same twinkle he first fell in love with, the first time they met.

He finished pulling off his tie, completely speechless and unable to speak. She nodded towards the chair, and he tentatively perched himself in front of the delicately placed, polished silver and tableware. He noticed the most exquisite arrangement of flowers and chocolates he had ever seen, presented artfully to one side of the table.

It is only then that he noticed a small wrapped parcel on his plate, expertly wrapped in sparkly cream ivory, with the most perfect bow made from intricate gold organza ribbon.

He struggled to think; was it his birthday? No, that was last month. Oh my god, had he forgotten their anniversary? No, that was ages away… so … what was the occasion? He couldn’t remember the last time they did anything like this, amongst all the arguments and stone cold silences they had shared lately.

He started to speak… “What’s this in aid… ?”. She silently shushed him by placing her slender manicured finger softly against his lips. She gracefully sat on his lap and whispered: “open it”.

He curiously, unwrapped the gift, slowly peeling back the indulgent creamy paper to reveal a small wooden box inside. He looked at her, and she smiled at him, almost nervously. He opened the box, and inside, lying in soft, delicate tissue paper, he found a tiny, satin, ivory … baby shoe?

“What the…?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered in his ear…

“They’re not for you, ‘Daddy’… Congratulations…”

It took a fair few moments for the news to sink in, and she watched him intensely.

Suddenly, he looked up at her in disbelief and back down at her tiny, perfect, slightly rounded yet toned stomach. He placed his hand over her belly and looked up at her in awe, his perfect lips slowly lifting at the corners to form a smile. He put his arms around her and brought her close, taking in her beautiful, intoxicating scent and buried his face in her neck. How perfect.

Everything was going to be okay. She was perfect; they would get through this. It was all going to be okay.

As they embraced, a soft solitary tear of both happiness and relief rolled down his cheek and rested on her flawless, creamy shoulder, glistening in the soft, dim candlelight… This was the best Valentine’s Day ever. Hang on a second! He thought to himself … Oh, my god! It’s Valentine’s Day!?

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