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Say it with Flowers this Christmas

Giving flowers to your loved ones is an age-old tradition that will hopefully never die. In the many, many years that we have enjoyed this tradition, there has undoubtedly been a range of trends and seasonal flowers that are much more popular at specific times of year. For example, daffodils are primarily given at spring, especially for Easter and Mothers Day, roses are given on Valentine’s day and bamboos are given for luck.

If you are looking for a florist in Edinburgh to provide you with the perfect flowers for every season and occasion, then look no further! There are a wide range of flowers that are synonymous with winter and Christmas, so please do keep reading to find out exactly how you should surprise your friends and family this holiday period.


Poinsettias are one of the most common Christmas flowers you can buy at this time of year. Whether you want to arrange them in a vase or pot and give as Xmas gifts is entirely up to you, but they certainly add a festive sense of occasion to the home. You can also enhance any floral bouquet by using poinsettias as cut flowers! festive-flowers


Lilies are known to brighten up the house during the winter season thanks to the range of colours and breeds to choose from. What’s more, they can help liven up the mood of just about any person.

Lilies make wonderful festive greetings for the holiday period and can add a splash of colour that will truly enhance the Christmas spirit in your home!


As they come in all sorts of colours, Carnations are the perfect flowers for Christmas and holiday period.

Whether you want flowers to use as table decorations or just to add some life into your home when the outside world is cold and dreary, you should definitely consider using beautiful Carnations.

What’s more, they make wonderful floral gifts for family, friends and loved ones for Christmas – you could even use a combination of green and red Carnations for an extra festive touch. These flowers are long-lasting and traditional, ensuring your holidays are beautiful at all times.


If you’re looking for elegant and delicate flowers for Christmas, you won’t find anything better than Lisianthus. When paired with roses, Lisianthuses can form the perfect bouquet. White Lisianthus flowers make a wonderfully wintery centrepiece for any table this festive period. You can ask your local florist in Edinburgh for tips on how to care for these flowers and more!


Orchids are the perfect holiday floral gift for someone who enjoys the finer things in life. They do require a lot of love and attention to keep them at their best, but the results are always worth it. A rare find indeed!


What would Christmas be without a beautiful bouquet of red roses?  As traditional as a tin of chocolates, roses make a wonderful festive addition to any home. Why not give them as a gift for family and friends who are going out of their way to cook this year?

There are many more flowers that are wonderful to give at this time of year – we’d love to hear which ones you can’t go without!

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