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Say Goodbye to Monday Blues

After all the fun and excitement of the weekend, Monday can be quite a  bleak and miserable day. This is the day of the week when we have to face the real world again, get back to work and everyday life, and attempt to tackle everything we happily ignored over the weekend. If you find yourself losing motivation and your productivity levels failing mid afternoon every week, then it sounds like you’ve been hit with a case of the Monday blues!

Bleak and Uninspiring?

spring-flower-bouquetAs if it couldn’t get any worse, the effects of the Monday Blues are never felt as strongly as they are during the winter months. The dull and uninspiring weather and short days are nothing short of uninspiring – it can be very hard to get into a motivated and productive frame of mind when you look out the window and see a miserable grey day. Although spring is slowly on its way, at the moment the long, lazy days of summer still seem an awfully long way off.

So how can we combat the effects of these dreary, first day of the week blues?

If Monday has got you feeling down, there is no better way to improve your mood than with two staples when it comes to happiness – flowers and chocolates! It is well known that chocolate releases endorphins, which are one of the chemicals responsible for making us feel happy. Pick out a big box of your favourite chocolates and treat yourself ready for Monday – after all, you deserve a treat!

Flowers and Chocolates to Improve your Mood

If you’re still adamantly sticking to your New Year diet (congratulations – you’ve managed almost two months!) you can also get that all-important dose of happiness with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Go for bright colours and fun arrangements to take full advantage of the positive effect flowers can have on your life; we recommend a stunning spring bouquet to help you ward off the dregs of winter and look ahead to warmer months. With a beautiful bouquet brightening up the room, suddenly the Monday Blues don’t seem as bad after all!

With such a wide selection of flowers and chocolates to choose from, there is no reason to let Monday get you down. Sail past the first day of the week and stay positive, ready for everything that the coming week has to bring.

To enquire about ordering or sending flowers and chocolates by post, simply give us a call today on 0131 447 1788.

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