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The Thoughtful Birthday Bouquet

Those interested in astrology are likely to be familiar with the different things that can be linked to birth months. From traits to gemstones to animals, each sign represents something different, connecting those with birthdays falling within the specified month. However, did you know that the same can also be said of flowers?

birthday-bouquetCertain flowers are said to have a connection to individual months and star signs, meaning that people born within the month are likely to have more of an affinity to these particular flowers. If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, your local florist in Edinburgh can help you to pick out a bouquet which focuses on specific birth month flowers. This can create a thoughtful, individual gift, tailored to your loved one’s birthday.

So which flowers are most closely linked to the months and signs?


Carnation or snowdrop. The rich red and pink colours of the carnations create a stark contrast with the pure, delicate white of the pale snowdrop, symbolising the colours of the season. They represent affection, happiness and devotion.


Violet or iris. Purple is February’s colour, providing a link to Amethyst, the month’s gemstone. These delicate flowers symbolise purity, modesty and faithfulness.


Daffodil. Pure and bright, the daffodil is symbolic of new beginnings, as well as hope, wishes, and sympathy.


Daisy or sweet pea. A feminine colour palette of pinks and purples takes precedence in April, portraying a delicate yet curious playful nature.


Lily of the Valley. Pure, sweet and white, the lily of the valley represents happiness and humility.


Rose. The rose comes in many colours and carries a variety of different symbolisms, working to represent traits such as strength, beauty and love.


Tulip or larkspur. Another month with a feminine twist, July’s flowers are all about laughter, lightness, and keeping an open mind and heart.


Poppy or gladiolus. The poppy is an incredibly symbolic flower for many thanks to its connotations of remembrance, yet together, these flowers represent love, beauty, and above all, strength.


Morning glory or aster. Bright and colourful, these blooms signal love, light and daintiness, with a strong current of joy throughout.


Marigold or calendula. As bright as a Halloween pumpkin, orange is October’s colour, extending out to its flowers for the month. These signify contentment, grace and gratitude.


Chrysanthemum. The bright, varied colours of the chrysanthemum are the perfect antidote to the dull November weather. Chrysanthemums represent compassion, sensitivity and cheerfulness.


Narcissus or holly. The festive touch of the holly is perfect for seasonal bouquets, yet together, these two symbolise celebration, success and reassurance.

For a truly memorable, thoughtful gift for that someone special, why not invest in a specially themed bouquet for their birthday this year? Flowers Buy Delivery, as your local florist in Edinburgh, can help you to create the perfect bouquet for your needs.

Simply browse our website to see all of our available bouquets or get in touch today.

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