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Top 10 Most Romantic Gestures

Being romantic doesn’t come naturally to everyone and not all romantic gestures suit everyone. For example, some people appreciate a nice Edinburgh flower delivery surprise and some like romantic poems. However, few can argue that a romantic gesture is a powerful and wonderful thing – here are ten of the best.


Surprise Weekend Away

Whether it involves stepping on a plane or not, a nice weekend away can be the perfect romantic gesture. Surprise trips are not for everyone, especially if you are surprise-packing for them too, so make sure you plan this one out well if your partner isn’t renowned for being flexible!

A Dozen Red Roses

It may be slightly cliché but there are not many romantic gestures that can compete with a dozen red roses!

Homecooked Meal

Going out to a restaurant is nice but cooking someone’s favourite meal shows that you really care and it is a more personal gesture. Even if you live together you can surprise them when they come home from work by setting the table up with candles and flowers.

Personalised Playlist

Music and love just go together so well and creating a carefully selected playlist of songs shows how much you care. You can include songs that are special between the two of you or love songs that remind you of them and then they can listen to it at the gym or on their way to work and think about you.

Individual Jewellery

A nice piece of jewellery always makes a great gift but a personalised engraving will be even more treasured. A simple message or the date that you met is the perfect idea for an engraving.

Handwritten Poem

This one might be a bit more difficult if you are not very creative but it is one of the oldest romantic gestures out there. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to put a few nice lines of poetry together, just try to make it as personal as you can and you will get points for the effort at least.

Photo Album

Printing off your favourite photos of the two of you and putting them into a beautiful photo album is another really nice gesture. Pick ones that you have great memories attached to like a holiday or a lovely night out. Add captions and dates to make it even more special.

Say ‘I Love You’

It is a really easy one but some people get out of the habit of telling their partner that they love them on a regular basis. Look them in the eyes and say ‘I love you’.

Tickets for their Favourite Artist or Team

Show them how much you love them by knowing what they love the most, whether it is a trip to the theatre or tickets for their favourite sports team.

Show them Attention

Last but certainly not least, show them attention. Not the ‘I’m listening to you whilst checking Facebook’ kind of attention, the full-on face-to-face conversation kind of attention. Go for a coffee or eat breakfast together and just listen and talk to one other.

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