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Your Ultimate Guide to Sending Flowers

It’s the little things that can make someone’s day. A smile from a stranger, a compliment out of the blue, somebody going out of their way to help you, a bunch of flowers arriving at your desk… these are all things that can make you smile, feel loved and turn your day around.

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we are a local florist in Edinburgh, and we see a lot of people ordering flowers for friends and loved ones on a daily basis, and it warms our hearts. But it has also got us thinking – what if we can help make someone’s day every day? That’s the sort of positivity the world needs!

So, we’ve put together our Ultimate Guide to Sending Flowers – whether you are looking for a reason for that bunch you couldn’t resist or want to know whether it’s appropriate – keep reading!

Top Reasons Why You Should Send Flowers

  • To cheer someone up – they might have had a rubbish day or some bad news – make them smile with some fresh flowers!
  • To celebrate – the big things: birthday / anniversary / new job / promotion / retirement / new home / new baby
  • To celebrate – the little things: baby slept through the night / made it through a tough week at work
  • For the holidays – Christmas, New Years, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • To decorate – weddings / funerals / parties / events, and more
  • To catch up or reconnect with old friends or family
  • To show sympathy and condolences sending-flowers-edinburgh
  • To send best wishes when people are ill / in hospital
  • To apologise
  • To show love, affection and romance – a dating tradition
  • To say thank you
  • To impress someone with your taste and kind nature
  • Because they look pretty
  • To earn brownie points
  • Because giving feels good
  • Just because! A random act of kindness does wonders for the soul

As florists, we get to hear some wild, wonderful and inspiring reasons from the Edinburgh locals when it comes to their reasoning behind sending flowers – and we’d love to hear yours, too! Drop us a comment below!

They’re nature’s little gift to us all, with their striking colours and fragrant scents brightening up our lives – it’s a beautiful thing.

If you are looking flowers for any occasion or just because, then we can help. With years of expertise our team are on hand to offer advice and help with any queries you may have – simply get in touch or have a browse through our online arrangements to find the perfect bunch for your family and friends.

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