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Why Do We Give Flowers?

Giving flowers has been a tradition that goes back long since any present-day generation will be able to remember, yet it is well ingrained in society. Whether given to extend thanks, pass along sympathies or congratulate a special couple on their wedding day, flowers have been a go-to gift that almost everyone loves to receive.

giving-flowersThere are so many different flowers available, yet over the years, certain flowers seem to have taken on their own traditional roles, from romancing roses on Valentine’s Day to crisp white lilies given for remembrance or gorgeous heather wedding flowers for an Edinburgh marriage celebration.

The History of Giving

The origin of giving flowers can be traced back to our prehistoric ancestral roots when tribes are thought to have exchanged flowers and herbs that were used for their medicinal properties; it was an act of charity and likely helped to bond neighbouring groups. The next recorded evidence of flowers given as means of communication can be found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and Chinese writings.

This art of communicating through flowers was known as “Floriography” or the “Language of Flowers” and was largely prevalent later in history during the Victorian times. Around this time, the church would prevent couples from publicly acknowledging their feelings, therefore flowers were used as a covert means to express emotions of love and desire.

Victorians even went as far as to create bouquets to send hidden messages and the act of giving itself was used to send messages. Gifting flowers upside-down or using the “wrong” or weaker hand to give flowers typically changed the meaning behind the message.

The country of Turkey would later come up with their own complex Language of Flowers  -expanding on the Victorian meanings while including a number of other herbs and plants. The practice would go on to be used by the military when sending bouquets of flowers to their opposition.

Today, there are a few books of Floriography that survived from the Victorian era that include detailed written explanations of flower meanings and how flowers should be arranged to send certain messages.

Want to send your own message to a loved one or celebrate someone’s special day with wedding flowers? Edinburgh based florist, Flowers Buy Delivery have a huge selection of beautiful blooms and plants to choose from, browse our bouquet varieties for collection or delivery or give our friendly florists a call on 0131 447 1788.

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