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Why Do We Have Flowers at Weddings?

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, but have you ever wondered why? Flowers Buy Delivery presents a potted history of the tradition.

bridal-bouquetOne of the major aspects of planning a wedding is sorting the flower arrangement, making the bridal bouquet and other general decorations. History shows that flowers have been a major part of the ceremony since the ancient Greeks – a long time before you could easily place an order for flower delivery via post.

The Bouquet

Before the use of flowers as we are familiar with today, the bouquet consisted of herbs and bulbs of garlic. Just the same as flowers do, it was said that different types of herbs had various meanings behind them.

Two of the most used types of herbs were Dill and Sage. Dill was used as a sign of lust, so the bride would wear the herb walking down the aisle to show that she lusted only for her soon-to-be husband. Sage represented wisdom and, when carried with garlic, was said to give the bride great wisdom.

It was also believed that herbs and garlic had a power to fight against evil spirits looking to plague the married couple’s life together, helping to protect their marriage.

Around the World

Wedding flowers are used in a variety of ways all around the world, most of which have been adapted from the ancient Greek tradition.

In Germany, both the bride and groom hold candles with flowers and ribbons tied to them, while in Sweden they have maintained the tradition of herbs at weddings. It is common for the groom to carry thyme in his pocket while young girls carry small bouquets of fragranced herbs down the aisle – this was done to ward off trolls in the search for a snack.

In the UK, the custom of flower girls is an adaption of the original tradition. It was tradition for the bride to arrive at the church accompanied by all of her bridesmaids, escorted by the flower girl throwing blossoms down the aisle to ensure a life filled with happiness for the bride.

Love and Happiness

Today, we associate wedding flowers with the love and happiness shared between a couple who are making the vow of giving their lives to one another. Careful planning is carried out to incorporate the right flowers to portray the correct message, and of course to match the theme of the big day.

Flowers Buy Delivery holds a wide range of wedding flowers in Edinburgh with delivery available throughout the UK. For more information, please call our team on 0131 447 1788 today.

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