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Booja Stem Ginger Truffles

Made by Booja Booja
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Hand made with succulent stem ginger pieces,award winning melt in the mouth truffles

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Booja  Stem Ginger  Truffles

Stem Ginger Truffles ,hand made with succulent stem ginger pieces. These are amazing, because they're vegan and vegetarian friendly, dairy and gluten free, organic, and... Absolutely delicious!



Booja Booja Chocolate

Booja Booja started of with their original truffle range in 1999 and are now many years on with 45 awards and counting! These delicious chocolate truffles are made from the finest ingredients and are suitable for coeliacs following a gluten free diet as well as vegans. The chocolate truffles come in a range of different flavours and are covered in scrumptious cocoa powder. Delicious chocolates for gluten free and vegan diets. Booja Booja are currently working to remove all traces of dairy from their products and soon will become dairy free chocolates. We will keep you posted!

Booja Booja have a fantastic range of Easter Eggs at Easter time. Gluten free, organic, suitable for vegans chocolate Easter Eggs by Booja Booja available at The Harvest Garden Edinburgh and on Flowers Buy Delivery online.

Everyone needs a little Booja Booja in their life!


Buy Booja Booja Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan Chocolate

Buy these delicious chocolate truffles online at Flowers Buy Delivery or come in to our world famous Edinburgh chocolate shop - The Harvest Garden to view our range of gluten free, organic, Booja Booja chocolates especially at Easter time to see our massive selection of Easter Eggs including the Booja Booja Easter Eggs.

Booja Booja Chocolates are:

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