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Chilli Plant

Made by Harvest Garden
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A bright plant that can be kept indoors or outside that will add some colour to your home or garden. Keep the soil moist, provide plenty light, sunshine and warmth to help it thrive.

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Chilli Plant

Chilli Plant

The Chilli Plant comes from Southern America it can be grown indoors in winter and outdoors in summer, protect it from frost and prefers temperatures 13°C and higher. Keep the soil moist and provide lots of bright light and sunshine.The Chilli Plant's biological name is Capsicum Annuum and is also known as Christmas Pepper and Ornamental Chilli Plant. It is popular at Christmas due to its festive colours and in the summer it can be planted outside looking colourful. It is available in shades of greens, purples, yellows, oranges and reds.

Chilli Plant Size Guide

Please note that these sizes are a guide and are an approximate measurement only.

Diameter of Pot 13.5cm

Height of Pot 11cm

Total Height of Plant 51cm (from base of the pot to top of the plant)

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