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Flower Bouquets perfect for every occassion

What is a Hand-Tied Bouquet?

Choosing your bridal bouquet is one of the most exciting aspects of getting married; however, it can be much more confusing than you may initially think. It’s not as simple as selecting a stylish flower bouquet, as there are so many different constructions and shapes to sift through. To say the least, finding a perfectly bright flower bouquet is overwhelming, which is why we’re here to walk you through one of the most popular options – a hand-tied bouquet.

What Does “Hand-Tied Bouquet” Mean?

Deducing what a hand-tied bouquet is can be really difficult, especially when the term is so widely misused in articles and books. Despite this, you needn’t worry, as we’re here to eliminate any confusion. In actual fact, “hand-tied” describes the construction of the bouquet as opposed to the shape. Therefore, cascade, round, and posy bouquets can all be hand-tied.

In spite of its difficulty to master, the premise of hand-tying is actually very simple. It involves a florist taking the flower stems individually and arranging them in their hand. Once they’re satisfied with the arrangement, they’ll tie the stems together with twine or ribbons. Then, the stems will either be cut to sit in a vase or left long enough to form a handle.

How a Hand-Tied Bouquet is Made

Now you know what a hand-tied bouquet is, you can learn exactly what goes into the process of creating our stunning bouquets.

The Stems are Prepared

First things first, the stems need to be prepped, which involves them being trimmed by roughly an inch and laid out in groups. Grouping the flowers before we begin the arrangement makes it easier to gauge a design. Additionally, we may also strip the lower parts of the flowers of their foliage, as this allows for them to be easily grouped together at the end.

A Focal Point is Chosen

Every bouquet needs a showstopper in the form of a striking flower that can be surrounded by softer foliage. Therefore, we make these selections and lay them in our hands, under our thumbs. Then, using our free hands, we turn the bouquet and insert more flowers as we do so. This process is called “spiralling”.

Different Styles and Textures are Spiralled

The aforementioned process is repeated to fill out the bouquet in its entirety. We make sure to rotate the bouquet regularly, as this means we’re building it from the inside out, keeping our focal point central. Although we need to keep the stems in place, we’re very careful about how we hold them, as we don’t want to crush them!

The Stems are Adjusted

Naturally, as we rotate our arrangements, stems can slip and move; however, this needn’t be a problem, as we take care to adjust the stems. We hold the bouquets loosely and gently pull all stems back into place. Also, we may take this as an opportunity to swap some stems around if we think they’d look better elsewhere.

The Bouquet is Tied and Trimmed

Once we’re happy with the arrangement, we’ll lay our arrangements atop a table and wrap some twine around them before tying them off. Following this, we’ll snip the bottoms of the stems so that they’re all straight.

The Wrap is Created and Applied

The next step is to take two rectangle pieces of paper and fold them by taking the bottom left-hand corner to the top middle. The stems of the bouquet are then placed in the middle of one of these folds, whilst the paper is squeezed into a cone. This same process is then repeated on the other side with the second piece of paper.

The Bouquet is Secured

Upon the bouquet being beautifully wrapped, we cut another piece of string and tie this around the wrapping, taking care not to tie it too tightly. In order to complete the look, we may also tie some ribbon in a bow around the bouquet. That’s the final step before the bouquet is ready for sale.

Hand-Tied Bouquet Delivery

Here at Flowers Buy Delivery, we deliver our hand-tied bouquets on a national scale. Be sure to browse our collections of flower bouquets, wedding bouquets, and bridesmaids’ flowers to find a bouquet that’s best suited to your requirements.

Alternatively, you can always contact us regarding our other ranges, as well as any advice and guidance relating to flower and plant care.

Similarly, if you ever find yourself in Edinburgh, we’d love to see you at our bricks-and-mortar shop, the Harvest Garden!

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