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Freesia Zest Classic Scented Flowers

Made by Harvest Garden
Our Price £64.99

A wonderful hand-tied bouquet of sweet scented Freesia complemented by soft lush greenery ready for the vase.

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Freesia Zest Classic Scented Flowers

Colourful Freesia Flower Bouquet from Edinburgh Flower Shop

This Bright and Beautiful bouquet of Freesias will put a smile on any persons face. The freesia flower has a variety of lovely colours and is strongly scented. Several of the many colours are yellow, purple, pink and red. This flower was named in honour of the german physician friedrich freese and is native to Africa.

Freesia flower bouquets

We have many more Freesia flower bouquets and arrangement, including:

We make sure our suppliers who are growing freesias give us the best quality they have because we care about your happiness. So make the right decision of buying this hand-tied Bouquet of freesias as you will not go wrong.

A perfect Freesia floral arrangement for any occasion including Birthday and Anniversary.

How do I care for my Flowers?

Your flowers have been carefully grown, picked, hand arranged and protected at every stage to ensure they arrive with you in peak condition. Some of your flowers may arrive in bud but these will open giving you maximum vase life.
If you follow our simple care instructions your flowers should last for at least 7 days.
•    On arrival remove flowers from all packaging and using a sharp knife or scissors cut 2- 3 cm off each stem
•    Remove any leaves that would be below the waterline of the vase as these will start to decay causing  bacteria to build up in the vase
•    Place flowers in a clean vase, filled with fresh water and flower food, following the instructions on the sachet.  Keep the water level topped up regularly
•    Avoid placing your display near ripening fruit, direct heat, in direct sunlight or in a draught
•    Re-cutting the stems every 3 to 4 days may make your flowers last longer
•    If your roses droop try re-cutting the stems and standing them in warm water
•    If your flowers arrive by post they may appear soft due to the fact that they have been without water for a few days.  Once placed in water the stems and buds will firm up as they re-hydrate


A pure delight, the petals of the freesia grow from what seems like a delicate stem. This delicacy however, is somewhat of a misgiving as the freesia is a wonderfully resilient little flower. Available in long-stem or short-stem form, the freesia can be found in a real array of colours - from pure white to yellow, to deep purple and red.

Popular in bouquets and arrangements alike, a basket of freesia is a wonderful gift - popular with florists, customers and recipients alike at Mothers Day especially. Its traditional values and sweet smell make it a favourite of mothers around the world. Often considered seasonal, freesia is now available all year round, thanks to the efforts of growers to provide perfect growing conditions for 12 months of the year.

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