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Gluten Free Chocolates and Gifts

Gluten-Free Chocolate and Gifts

Just because your loved one is gluten intolerant, it doesn’t mean they should go without chocolate to match their flowers! Treat someone close to you with gluten-free chocolate from our specially selected range, from some of the best chocolatiers in the world.

Chocolate and flowers are a classic combination, but for the gluten free chocolate lover, it can prove awkward finding some high-quality, diet-appropriate chocolate. We can’t stand the thought of someone being forced to miss out on their chocolate fix, so we’ve decided to research, locate and source the best gluten-free chocolate available.

We’ve made sure that our choices are varied and inclusive, offering both classic selection boxes and more contemporary choices for something a little unique.

With next day delivery available and countless exclusive chocolate options available, we can help you create that perfect gift for your loved one.

A Quick Guide to Gluten Free Chocolate Gifts

If you’re picking up a gift for someone who is gluten intolerant or with allergies, then you might consider chocolate an easy option. The issue is that not all chocolate is gluten-free. Many chocolate items come in cookies and cakes which contain gluten and even those that are pure chocolate can contain traces, caused by cross-contamination during manufacture. So how can you be sure?

Ensuring Your Chocolate is Truly Gluten Free

As a rule, avoid most chocolate flavoured drinks. Products like hot chocolate powders, coffee froths and chocolate sprinkles are all grey-area items that need to be checked. The best way to be 100% sure that you’re dealing with a completely gluten free product is to research each individual food before you buy. Due to a rise in coeliac disease (an autoimmune deficiency caused by a reaction to gluten), many websites feature lists of completely gluten-free foods. Always refer to these when you’re unsure.

Selecting a Gluten-Free Chocolate Gift

There is no definitive guide to picking out any form of gift, it’s all dependent on the person you’re buying for. Despite this, we can still give you some tips for when certain approaches might be more appropriate than others.

If you’re buying gluten free chocolate as a romantic gift (to complement some flowers, maybe?) then try to stick to classic choices. There are countless gluten free chocolate boxes, with plenty of different themes and styles that are all romantically appropriate.

If you’re buying for a friend or colleague, then you have a lot more freedom. Consider gluten free chocolate cookies, cakes or, depending on your friendship, more crazy options like cigars, sports sets or games. The fact that you took the time to find gluten free chocolate means that whatever you select will still mean a lot, and we stock all sorts of different options for every relationship and every scenario.

As long as you’ve checked that your gluten-free chocolate is truly gluten-free, don’t be afraid to trust your gut and experiment with your gift choice. You’re bound to impress the receiver with your thoughtfulness.

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