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Pink and Lilac Hand-tied Flower Arrangement

Made by Harvest Garden
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Our sweet Pink hand-tied bouquet arranged with pink roses, pink lisianthus, lilac carnations and finished off with folds off greenery.

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 Pink and Lilac Hand-tied Flower Arrangement

Segmented Pink Hand-tied Bouquet of Flowers

Our sweet Pink Quattro handtied is both trendy and continental it will certainly add a contemporary feel to any room. Arranged with roses, anthuriums, carnations, gerberas and finished off with folds of aspidistra leaves and looped grasses.

Pink Flower Arrangements

Pink Flower arrangements delivered by The Harvest Garden, our Edinburgh florist can beautifully arrange a flower arrangement  that can be delivered to you ar a loved one. These arrangements include:


The gerbera flower is mostly used in arrangements of cut flowers because of its size and the wide variety of colors that are available. It is one of the showiest bouquet flowers available.They come in all types of colors, including yellows and oranges, pinks, reds, scarlet and even more. These flowers also like to have filtered water instead of tap water whenever possible. That’s because the minerals in tap water can cause the flowers to have a short lifespan. Water your cut flowers every two days (with added preservative) and snip of the bottom of the stems at an angle as well.


When you think of a rose, the first color that might come to mind is red. In fact, the word “rose” comes from the Latin word “rosa”, which means red. Red roses might be the most common color, but there are so many others that there is an entire language of meaning that can be found in their shades.
No matter what you want to say with your flowers, a bouquet of roses can convey your feelings. Try giving a bunch of different colors to show exactly what you want to say, and you can even give the recipient a copy of the flowers' meanings so that they too can read the language of flowers. No matter how many roses you choose to give, they are sure to be a welcome gift!


Anthuriums are one of the most popular tropicals with a long vase life of about six weeks and even more depending on the variety and season.
Anthuriums are herbaceous epiphytes, native to tropical America. Anthurium is a genus of more than 800 species found in the New World tropics from Mexico to northern Argentina and Uruguay. The Anthurium is also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo Flower (Flamingo Lily) or Tail Flower. Anthuriums are grown for their brightly colored flower spathes and their ornamental leaves.
The red, heart-shaped flower of Anthuriums is really a spathe, or waxy, modified leaf flaring out from the base of a fleshy spike (spadix) where the tiny real flowers grow.

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