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Snake Plant

Made by Harvest Garden
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A hardy and easy evergreen plant to care for, perfect for beginners. The Snake Plant requires little care, minimal water & natural light.

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Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Are you looking to start or add to your collection of indoor green plants?

The Snake Plant its most common name is also called Dracaena/Sansevieria trifasciata, it's botanical name. It's also know as Mother-in-law's tongue, Viper's bowstring hemp and Saint George's sword.

This extremely easy to look after evergreen plant survives best with very little care and is a lovely house plant that helps clean the air in your home. The Snake Plant thrives in natural light, avoid direct sunlight and with minimal water bimonthly or when the soil is very dry.

Snake Plant Size Guide

Please note that these sizes are a guide and are an approximate measurement only.

Diameter of Pot 21cm

Height of Pot 20cm

Total Height of Plant 87cm (from base of the pot to top of the plant)

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