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Subtle Pink Hand-tied Flower Arrangement

Made by Harvest Garden
Our Price £39.99

This subtle pink bouquet of delicate soft pink shades consists off roses, alstroemeria,lisianthus and various foilages.

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Subtle Pink Hand-tied Flower Arrangement

Delicate Shades off Pink Hand-tied Bouquet of Flowers

This tasteful hand-tied arrangement consists off pink roses, alsroemeria, pink , lisianthus and various foilages.

Pink Flower Arrangements

These exquisite Pink Flower Arrangements can be designed by The Harvest Garden. We can deliver to you many other similar arrangements including:


The "Eustoma grandiflorum" - more commonly known as lisianthus. Native to the United States, Mexico and Caribbean.
Available in a real array of colours, from subtle pink to rose-mauve, blue-violet or white-cream. Usually double headed, lisianthus forms a pretty funnel-shaped flower head.
A favourite among brides-to-be, it looks stunning in a simple romantic bridal posy, mixed with delicate roses in any complimenting shade.


Lilies, well known for their sweet smell and impressive blooms, are an exquisite and opulent flower. Lilies are available in many varieties and colours, including oriental, stargazer, concador, calla and longiflorum. Each variety is stunning in its own way - between them encompassing colours including white, pink, yellow and even burgundy! Lilies are a stunning addition to any bouquet, arrangement or tribute - versatile yet beautiful.

Caring for your lilies - tips and tricks

The pollen of certain lily varieties is very potent, easily capable of staining fabric and soft furnishings. The vibrant orange pollen of the stargazer lily is even capable of staining hard surfaces and worktops - a nightmare to remove from any surface! If staining occurs, the first rule is "don’t panic!"

To avoid pollen stains in the first place; once your lily has started to open you will see that the stamens are not yet furry! The "fur" which develops is the pollen which will later make a nuisance of itself. By picking the stamens out from the middle of the just-opened flower head, you will avoid future pollen stains on clothes, window ledges and precious furniture. This will also prevent the petals themselves becoming stained. A real trick of the trade; how else would a florist be able to use lilies in a bridal bouquet?


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