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Tradescantia Fluminensis Plant

Made by Harvest Garden
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A luscious trailing plant with shades of pale yellow, white and green which requires watering biweekly, warmth and bright indirect light to retain its beautiful colourful leaves.

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Tradescantia Fluminensis Plant

Tradescantia Fluminensis

The Tradescantia Fluminensis is the biological name for this specie of Spiderwort plant and is native to South America. It has many common names including Small-leaf Spiderwort, River Spiderwort, Inch plant, Wandering Dude, Wandering Jew, Wandering Trad, Wandering Willie and Wandering Gypsy. This luscious trailing plant has oval shaped leaves with a striking striped design and the shades of the leaves colours vary from pistachio, mint and basil to parmesan, pearl and chalk. 

It is essential that this trailing plant receives very bright indirect sunlight otherwise it will lose its lovely shades of colour. The Tradescantia Fluminensis soil should be left to dry out between watering twice a week and it will thrive in warm temperatures only. 

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