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Valentines Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day

Have you realised that Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is approaching fast? You don't have to worry, at flowers buy delivery you can choose from a fantastic range of special flower offers to suit you. You can browse our incredible range of roses from luxury pink to passion to grand prix roses.

What Roses Should I Buy?

Would you like to buy Valentine's Day roses that will definitely impress? Well, you should know that the most popular roses available for you to get this year include grand prix, the Columbian freedom rose, passion, the long-stemmed, spray and tea rose, which come in different arrangements for you to choose from in delicate hand ties to stunning vases and you can select a single red rose to a dozen. Do you like to know that you're in safe hands? Good, because you are! You can trust our trained florists who especially hand pick the freshest roses for you. We have more than enough selection for you to settle your heart on.

What Alternative Flower Arrangements Can I Buy?

Not only do we have roses but you can take your pick from our finest selection of Belgian chocolates available in all sorts of valentines inspired boxes, and exquisite bottles of luxurious wines and champagne, which all comes with a special card. Love has always been the most important thing to happen between humans, Valentines comes only once a year, so why not show your true feelings and make that certain person in your life feel special this Valentine’s day? Make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one, with all of our products available for delivery across the UK.

Can You Tell Me More about Valentine’s Day Stories and Traditions?

Did you know that the name Valentine comes from the Latin word valor, meaning worthy? You will be surprised to learn that the first ever Valentine’s Day that was associated with love was in Parliament of Foules 1382 by Geoffrey Chaucer! To honor the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II of England to Anne of Bohemia, a poem was written which contained two lines saying “for this was on seynt Volantynys day, whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make" or more simply, "to choose his mate".Cupid is known for making people fall in love he is the son of Venus the Goddess of Love. Cupdis arrow is known according to legends that whoever it hits that person will fall in love with the person they see first.

Why Should I Buy Roses for Valentine's Day?

Did you know that Roses have been a symbol of love, passion, beauty, respect and admiration throughout history? The Ancient Greeks and Romans associated the rose with their Goddesses of Love, Venus and Aphrodite. The meaning of a rose is to keep a secret,  in Roman times a rose would be put on a door of a secretive meeting place, hence the phrase "sub rosa" - or "under the rose” - was borne. When the Romans invaded England they brought with them the white rose. The rose is the national flower of England. Valentine’s Day is where two people express and show their feelings for each other and in this present time it can be shown with roses, chocolate, wine and gifts. So, now that you are an expert on Valentine's Day and the history of love and roses, why don't you go and choose the perfect bouqet for your Valentine?

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