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Venus Flytrap Plant

Made by Harvest Garden
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A fascinating plant that is popular with children as insects are caught in its trap with deadly interlocking teeth, loves lots of sun and the soil likes to be kept wet.

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Venus Flytrap Plant

Venus Flytrap Plant

The Venus Flytrap Plant is native to North America, it's biological name is Dionaea Muscipula and it's from the Droseraceae family. The Venus Flytrap entices insects with its sweet nectar, the insect flusters resulting in the trap snapping shut forming a tight seal with its interlocking teeth and disolves the insects absorbing nutrients.

Throughout warmer times of the year keep the soil wet but not water logged and just damp during cold spells. We recommend to water the soil from the base of the pot and if you can, they prefer natural rain water. They must receive full direct sunlight and can be happy with room temperatures indoors or flourish outdoors with sunshine and insects.

Venus Flytrap Plant Size Guide

Please note that these sizes are a guide and are an approximate measurement only.

Diameter of Pot 9cm

Height of Pot 7cm

Total Height of Plant 9cm (from base of the pot to top of the plant)

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